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Sisters blood test results

Hi, my sister has many hypo symptoms and has eventually gone to doctors , in France, her results don't look that bad! to her surprise..

What do you think, she is not on any medication

TSH. 1.21 mU/L. Range 0.3 to 4.5

T3L. 4.4 pmol/L. Range 3.8 to 6.0

2.9 pg/mL. Range 2.5 to 3.9

T4L. 10.1 pmol/L. Range 7.5 to 21.0

8ng/L. Range 5.8 to 16.4

These measurements are French can anyone give advice pleas.

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If those T3L and T4L results were mine I'd feel awful. Infact mine are similar and I DO feel awful. Even though her TSH is low in range her production of T4 is low and consequently so is her T3L which is the active hormone.

She may have some pituitary disfunction causing the TSH to remain low as in secondary hypothyroidism.

I sure someone else will chime in soon. Most people feel best with an FT4 (T4L) in the upper 1/3rd of the range so you can see she is way below that. Sadly doctors seem to think being in range means everything is fine. Id push for a trial of levothyroxine.

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Thank you so much joesmum, I could tell by just LOOKING at her she is hypo but I didn't know enough about reading blood test results, I have passed your reply on to her, I'm sure she will be relieved to know her symptoms are not all in her head.

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I agree with joesmum. My results in Sept 2014, after four years of hypo symptoms and debilitating fatigue.

I was FT4 11.5 (range 12 -22), FT3 3.5 (range 4 -6.8) and TSH 3.8 (range 0.4 - 5.3)

I was prescribed 50mcg levothyroxine (T4) daily and in Dec 2014 my results were FT4 14.5 (range 12 -22), FT3 4.8(range 4 -6.8) and suppressed TSH 1.0 (range 0.4 - 5.3)

An MRI scan found a 4mm benign pituitary adenoma, and I was diagnosed with secondary (also called central) hypothyroidism.

My meds dose was upped to 75mcg in February and I'm beginning to feel a little more human again :) More bloods are due to be taken next week, which is a full thyroid panel plus a host of other pituitary hormones.

I must mention that the GP had been unwilling to do a full thyroid panel, having relied only on a TSH which in my case was misleading for three years! She essentially wrote off my fatigue as depression, early menopause, pull yourself together-type stuff. I insisted on a full thyroid panel because of my own internet education and determination to feel better. That, together with a chart of my blood results showing normal range and 'optimum range' (the range most folk feel happy and healthy within) has driven the prescription process. My Endo has conceded that my optimum FT4 should be 20+ and my optimum FT3 6+ to feel well.

Good luck to you!

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Thank you for your reply dizz911 I have passed all replys on to her and a link so she can join the group herself. You are all so helpful. Thank you.


What are the results of 2.9 and 8 tests fir?


Hi rosetrees, there is no result that was how it was displayed ... One result for T3L with two ranges one under the other and one result for T4L two ranges one under the other ...... And I thought the UK results were hard to understand ;)


It looks to me as if the explanation is all too simple - the results are presented in two different units. Most of the world seems to use moles (nmol, pmol, mmol, etc.) whereas the USA tends to use grams (ng, pg, mg, etc.). It might be that there is some historical reason for this - maybe to make it easy if communicating with doctors in other countries?

My problem with this nice simple explanation is that the number are not quite right whn I work them out! Could a decimal point have been misplaced? (Remembering that is likely to be a decimal comma in France.)

So, simply ignore the lines with ng or pg.



Doh. Now why didn't I realise that it was the same result with two different ranges!


Thanks Rod I wondered why the had put down two ranges. re the decimal point.... I though I was being so carefull when copying it all down ..... I will call her and check.


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