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Although I've had antibodies for over twenty years, I've only recently become aware of the hypothyroid treatment crisis. My daughter who also has Hashimotos is more IT familiar than I am and passes info on to me.

I don't understand why there is so little about it in the media.

There should be newspaper and magazine articles, more petitions and even marches of protest. Perhaps it's because we all feel too ill and exhausted to leave the house!

Maybe too it's because the majority of hypothyroid patients are women. Maybe it's a feminist issue but if breast cancer patients can have marathons and pink ribbon days and raise funding and support, perhaps we need to do something similar?

How can we raise public awareness and fight this thing?

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This is the main website of Thyroid UK - nothing to do with Health Unlocked. You can read about all the great things they do - polls - petitions - fund raising - runs - conferences - and so on. If you click onto the symbol Thyroid UK above on the bar that includes Posts and Write a Post - you can meet the team of volunteers who work so tirelessly.

I have been on this forum for over three years - and have read of the numerous efforts of people trying to raise awareness - with governments - local MP's - TV and so on. It's like hitting a brick wall with the various bodies that control medicine today. ( many of whom are paid by Big Pharma :-( )

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Also check out STTM website, they do a lot of raising awareness but in the US. I agree I think it's disgusting how the medical profession are happy to watch us slip away from our daily lives with these symptoms. There's petitions etc. based in the UK but as for walks/runs etc. I love the idea....but I can't even walk my dog at the minute!


I received an email today that the thyroid UK petition passed 11,000 signatures and therefore has to be debated in parliament. People canstill sign the petition. Sorry I am no good with links, maybe someone who is can add the link so that you can see the wording- it relates to tretament with T3 and NDT. It took a long time to get to 10K signatures!


Also look at Thyroid Patient Advocacy site. This body is holding a Conference in

Harrogate on 24th( I think) of April.


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