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Doctors note?


I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can get a doctors note for hypothyroidism?

I would be taking the note into university with me, because my symptoms have been effecting my performance. I find it difficult to concentrate and I'm getting frustrated when trying to do the work because my mind is just going blank. Also, my attendance has dropped because most morning I'm too exhausted to get out of bed.


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I am certain you could - it's a legitimate life-long medical condition. I have had notes for other reasons and in my experience, my doctors will willingly write notes/letters but charge for it (ten pounds at my surgery).


Go and see your student disability people at your uni, my daughter gets extensions for submitting her work and lots of other help. My daughter got sent for an assessment, then any assistance is based on the findings of that assessment, she spent the first 18 months of her course getting by, then she found out about all the help that was available to her.


I had one for six months !

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Yep, I'm doing a MSc and doc has happily written me a letter when needed to extend my dissertation deadline as we've been struggling to control it. As with all things it'll come down to the individual doc tho

. Good luck!


Have you had a diagnosis on the NHS? If so then your own GP should provide a doctor's note for you. I believe you might have to pay a little for them nowadays though - although I may be wrong.

But if, like me, you're undiagnosed because of a "normal" TSH then you would need to find a private doctor who could diagnose you and provide a letter to this effect.


Universities accept letters from GPs saying that due to medical problems and problems with your medication you are currently struggling with your course work. They do not want to pry and do not need to know the details of the medical condition. GPs usually know how to write these letters.

It may be worth speaking to your course tutor just to let them know that you are having problems and also to ask them about the procedure for a GP's letter, i.e. what they would require it to say and who to send it to in the university. If you put them in the picture they can help you. Remember, they want you to finish the course and do as well as you can. I'm sure they will be very helpful.

A GP letter may be all you need but you could check with your course tutor whether this covers you for the rest of the academic year (you may need to get your GP to put a tentative date in the letter). It's worth considering the good advice given above by Cwmnibachgr for the longer term.

If you have fuzzy brain, difficulties concentrating and exhaustion etc. I would recommend looking into Candida Albicans a very common yeast or fungal infection (especially with Thyroid conditions and any other autoimmune disease) which can become a very serious illness if left untreated. It starts in the gut and can affect every organ in your body including the brain and skin and there's also oral candida. There are some good books on this subject (Leon Chaitow, Izabella Wentz on Thyroid and Nutrition, Dr. Susan Blum on Autoimmune Disease and Nutrition, and Donna Gates' website. Also see

See also Dr. Myhill's website on the subject of Candida incl. dysbiosis and leaky and fermenting gut. (She's also got sections on Thyroid and Adrenals.) She and the authors of the above books also give their recommendations on supplements, e.g. high dosage sublingual Vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc which are also needed for the thyroid and adrenals.

If you think you have it, go on a low carb, high (good) fat (Coconut Oil and Hemp oil), no sugar diet and eat prebiotics which you can supplement with FOS, the processed prebiotics. Be sure to make Coconut Kefir with fresh milk kefir grains (it's easy) which is an invaluable source of probiotics - if you need any I can send you some. Most of the experts recommend gluten-free and dairy-free diet - at least a trial of excluding gluten and dairy for 3 weeks to see if it makes a difference. It may well speed up your recovery. You should know fairly quickly if this helps you.


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