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Struggling with doctors

Having done some research, and with my symptoms and family history, I believe I'm suffering from Hypothyroidism. However, I've asked my doctors to do tests, but they are only testing the TSH levels which are coming back normal. I've asked for the full tests, however they're not being done. I feel like I'm fighting a battle with my symptoms and another battle with my doctors. Whenever I go in they just want to give me tranaxamic acid, anti depressants, iron tablets....the list goes on! None of them help with how I'm feeling! I've got to make another short notice appointment tomorrow, and I'm going to print things off. As it seems that they'd only do something if my TSH level was off and from the research I've done, it doesn't have to be to still suffer from Hypothyroid. Does anyone have any other advice or know of anywhere I can get the full tests done?

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Welcome to the forum, Pipes.

Unfortunately labs often decline to test FT4 and FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.03. You can order private tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

Post your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) in a new question and members will comment/advise.

These links may help you discuss your symptoms with your GP


Thank you!



I've been in the same situation for the past few months. I saw three different gp's at the practice and was getting in a bit of a state, looked for a private gp (although nearest I coukd find was over 50miles away) but thought I'd give it one last shot. I rang the practce manager, being so ill and upset, I know I sounded as desperate as I felt. I explained my difficulties with the gps and that I wanted more tests, espescially thyroid antibodies and I'm sure my distress and tears helped. She got a different gp from our surgery to ring me back. He arranged for the tests !

Results take up to two weeks, I've called twice but not in yet - 2 weeks up this friday, so hopefully know for sure soon.

So try your practice manager, may help and save you from payingcfor tests


Good luck with your results, I hope you get some answers. Think I'm going to go armed with a load of stuff, (they usually google stuff anyway, so why can't I?) and demand they do they whole tests or refer me to someone who can! Trouble is, I tend to get very emotional very easily and end up crying, then just want to leave! I hate it!


Much as I hate doing it because I am a (relatively) sensible adult, I now take my husband or daughter with me to appointments. I feel I get taken more seriously than if I go alone. My husband telling them how my symptoms affect me seems to make the doctor listen. Maybe you could take someone else with you?


Unfortunately my husband was at work :-( and my family are in a different area to me, I did take my daughter with me but she's 2, and kept trying to escape from the room! Doctor had to lock the door but she still managed to get out the little minx! Luckily he took notice of what I was telling him though!


Many many years ago, I went to see my GP with my 3 young toddlers, who were behaving impeccably - he actually asked me to leave and come back to see him another day without them! I was so frazzled and tired that I didn't have the gumption to say anything.

My husband now takes time off to accompany me to appointments, a great way to use up his holiday entitlement :(

I hope your appointment went well.


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