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Antinuclear antibodies

Hi, latest development in my Hypothyroid / low white blood cell count journey ... Apparently I have tested positive for antinuclear antibodies. It's been confirmed that I don't have lupis and a number of other nasties, but when I asked if it meant I had hashimotos the Dr said no I have acquired autoimmune thyroiditis.

Looking online I keep seeing autoimmune thyroiditis referred to as hashimotos so I'm a but confused. Does anyone out there had the same diagnosis or know what the difference is?

Thanks in advance!

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These are two excerpts:

In fact, both Graves' disease and Hashimoto's disease are forms of autoimmune thyroiditis, where the body's defence mechanisms overact or respond dysfunctionally, and cause damage to target tissues.


Hashimoto's disease should more properly be called chronic immune thyroiditis, and can be detected chemically by the presence of antibodies, the rise in TSH, and low blood levels of thyroid hormones.


This is a link re Antinuclear Antibodies with explanation.


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If it helps Anti-nuclear antibodies or Anti-nuclear factor ( ANA or ANF ) are fairly non-specific. They are

positive in many auto-immune disorders. If the titre is high enough, the Lab will go on to do Extractable Nuclear antigens ( ENA ) which are more specific . The Thyroid Peroxidase test (TPO) is what most medics use to diagnose Hashimoto's . I have also seen Hashimoto's referred to as Autoimmune Thryoiditis, often there are many terms for the same condition .... depends what you doctor picks !!

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