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Endo Huddersfield or Halifax?

Hi, I have a choice of going to Huddersfield or Halifax to see an endocrinologist. Can anyone who has been to either let me know (through private message?) if you had a good experience. Also I've asked my surgery for a copy of my referral letter but they don't seem to want to give me one!! I have a copy of the recommended ones from TUK so thinking Halifax?

Thanks x

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Polina, thanks for posting. I hope you've had replies via PM.


Yes thank you though very conflicting!! Looks like pot luck! I think my GP wants someone else to take responsibility over my suppressed TSH and to investigate any other endocrine issues related to my iron deficiency and inability to absorb Vit D though I have gone gluten free to see if this helps absorption?


Polina, Gluten-free can help absorption if you are gluten-sensitive, even though coeliac may have been ruled out.

I don't understand why GPs get hung up with suppressed TSH, some patients are suppressed on 75mcg which is a small dose.


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