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Nutri Adrenal vs Nutri Thyroid

Can anyone tell me what the big difference is and do you take both supplements or only one.

I have been taking two Nutri thyroid tablets on top of my levo 125mcg / 100 mcg for a few months now but still lack energy.

Should I try adrenal or not just thought id ask i also have been taking them at night with my levo should i change this to the morning.

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Nutri Thyroid is basically thyroid glandular with the hormones taken out. It can support your own thyroid function from a nutritional angle (by treating like with like) so there's nothing to lose by taking it but if you're feeling no benefit it maybe a waste of money. You may benefit from taking Nutri's Thyro complex instead, because this has a blend of vitamins and minerals to support thyroid function and support for the conversion from T4 to T3. Take this supplement with breakfast.

Nutri adrenal is a glandular too (but includes hormones) and will support adrenal function if your adrenals are tired. Many natural healthcare practitioners advise supporting the adrenals as well as the thyroid simulataneously. Though a course (1 standard pot) of adrenal glandular is usually enough to take, it's not something you should need to take on-going. There maybe times in life where you need to go back to taking it, in times of emotional or physiological stress, where the adrenals have had to step in to support the body and the glands maybe a bit tired again. Take the adrenal glandular in the morning before 1pm, to help get the adrenal hormones in balance - this is directed on the pot anyway.

Some people feel a bit adrenalised after taking this type of glandular because it contains the whole gland (including the medulla part of the adrenals that produces adrenaline). If you find this you may want to use a different brand e.g. Thorne's Adrenal Cortex. This only contains the cortex part of the gland (not medulla), which produces some endocrine hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone), DHEA and cortisol.

Hope this helps. :-)


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