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Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals ('Sum of Us' petition)



More than 400,000 people have signed the petition against the European Commission’s scandalous proposal regarding endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These ubiquitous chemicals disrupt the hormone system and cause cancer, infertility, malformations, obesity, etc. The list just goes on and on!

The goal is to gather more than 500,000 signatures, and everyone’s help is needed to reach it with just a few days left. Every single voice counts!



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Signed and shared.

I'm very concerned about EDCs but this document tells us nothing about exactly what in the draft proposals they are objecting to.

A major problem is that it often takes decades to discover that a substance is endocrine disrupting. When a substance is banned it is replaced by one just as harmful, except we are not aware the new one is harmful until it has been around a very long time.

Unfortunately the petition does not state why it wants the vote rejected. I guess they assume we are too stupid to be told. A well drafted petition with the concerns within the text of the petition would be great. I don't sign blank cheques.

PeteRad in reply to jimh111

Feel free to submit a more detailed petition of your own. If we don't show any opposition (no matter how futile it might seem) we might as well just give up and die.

jimh111 in reply to PeteRad

'Reject the EU Commission’s disastrous draft proposal on endocrine disruptors to protect public health and the environment'.

What does this mean? I've no idea. It might prevent the introduction of controls that are needed. I hate the EU but they have quite a good record on EDCs. The EU Commission is not a democratic body, they are not accountable to the public, we can't vote them in or out.

We have had too much emotive leglistration that has caused massive consequences ranging from CO2 targets that led to the recent deaths in a tower block to litigation in California which produced massive levels of PBDE flame retardants with corresponding effects on thyroid and oestrogen hormone mechanisms.

The WHO and UNEP have called for urgent action to identify markers of endocrine disruption. Current testing methods are based on old toxicology concepts which relate more to poisioning. It's more important to introduce effecting monitoring of new substances.

It's a very complex subject. Who decides whether a substance is endocrine disrupting? The problem is that if you ban anything with possible endocrine disruption the manufacturers will introduce a slightly different compoud and it will take years to discover it also has harmful effects. We end up with more EDCs, not fewer.

I suspect a large number of thyroid cases are related to EDCs. I have written a paper on the subject which I am trying to get published. The problem with this petition is that petitions have little effect, other than giving the patient the opportunity to feel good with miniscule effort. The most important point however is that I've no idea what the petition is about, the wording tells us absolutley nothing.

Signed :-)

Signed and shared. Thanks for posting.

Signed & Shared

Signed & Shared

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