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Has anyone tried the Optimum Health Clinic for ME/cfs?

Hi there, I am wondering whether to try this clinic. I wondered if any of you have been there or heard anything about it. Would really appreciate some advice. I think I have cfs, though I am aware this is a catch all diagnosis, but I want to get an idea of what to do next- have ruled out thyroid, but I do have adrenal fatigue. Many thanks.

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I'm sorry I'm in the U.S. and don't know the clinic but I do wonder if your diagnosis is accurate. The NHS is calling many people who are ill, either borderline or with normal levels. I've read it here for two years. It is a terrible abandonment leaving you clutching at straws. Would it be impertinent to ask about your blood tests that they used for a diagnosis?

Also, have you read or learned more about adrenal dysfunction and how it relates to your thyroid?

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To be diagnosed with CFS/ME (UK) you need to of had a considerable amount of diagnostic medical tests (takes quite some time to rule out alot of other conditions). If then suggested or diagnosed CFS/ME you are generally referred to the specialist clinic and they assess also.

Personally I wouldn't go to an individual run health clinic without the above first.

Maybe you should join a CFS/ME forum to offer you lots of info and support specifically.

Really hope your not suffering CFS/ME as horrid.



Ruling out the thyroid takes patience. Which tests did you have and what were the results ( with ranges )....

Happy to help.... :-)


From the research I've done on this clinic they offer a comprehensive service for those with CFS, from the psychotherapy angle and medical side, as I think they have medical doctors on their team offering blood tests including the 'ATP profiles', which you won't get on the NHS. This blood test checks mitochondrial function and was pivotal in helping me understand where my CFS symptoms came from. But I do also primarily have hypothyroidism, which is adding to poor mitochondrial function. The O.H. clinic is expensive. I found a cheaper route was to find a private doctor nearer by who offered comprehensive thyroid testing and the ATP profiles blood test (the doctor I saw I found through Thyroid UK's doctors list - Dr Nick Avery in Winchester). I have a personal healthcare plan (with Medicash) which helped me with costs. I've been treated with a nutritional supplement support plan and NDT. The treatment protocol my doctor follows is Dr Sarah Myhill's: Dr Myhill also has a super book out that's well worth a read.

If you have a read up on her very informative website, it'll give you a taster of what's on offer out there for people with CFS. I think she has a list of doctors on her website who practice her treatment protocol.

For emotional support I went local and found craniosacral therapy helped me a great deal: or I've also had sessions of emotional freedom technique (EFT) too.

I was referred through the NHS to my local CFS clinic and I must say it only helped a fraction, because their main approach was from an occupational therapy stance, which in the end does not address biochemistry, which I believe is at the root of CFS and hypothyroidism.

The OH clinic give a free 15 consultation, so perhaps give them a call and sound them out?

Good luck. :-)


Thanks for this, so much information and I'm going to look for a doctor through Dr Myhill's site and the thyroid uk site. I think I just feel overwhelmed by all the learning I'm doing at the moment, so I want someone to look at it objectively.

Thanks again :)


If you get a copy of your blood tests for your thyroid gland, with the ranges, post them on a new question for comments.

If you haven't had a recent one, is it possible for you to have another TSH, T4 and T3 and Free T3. (Free T3 is most important as it is the Active hormone need by all our cells). You can also have a private test if it is affordable for you. Also ask GP to do a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as these can be deficient and cause problems.

You can also borrow a book from (or purchase) Tears Behind Closed Doors which is an 'eye opener' I think. If you click on the following link.


Thank you all so much for your help and advice. I really have some food for thought! will post my thyroid results in anew question at some point, but I am now reading Dr Myhill's book and website- both seem very helpful. I really am hopeful of finding a cause for my exhaustion - so I can stop feeling like a hypochondriac and do something about it! Thanks again.


I'll PM you.


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