Eyes and legs!

Approximately three weeks ago I developed a rash on both of my shins. Tiny red spots, very slightly raised, they don't itch, but don't go away either. I have tried putting Canesten on them and hydrocortisone too, but it doesn't have any effect on them. I also have very painful aching calves. Around the same time, my eyes became particularly sensitive to the lights at work, particularly my right one, the lid feels swollen to, but its not. I have to sit with the lights dimmed! I have Hashimotos. Thoughts anyone? I have a GP appointment on Monday, 'cos I cant suffer these symptoms any more! Thank you.

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  • BeanyJeany, it's probably pretibial myxoedema. It's very common in Graves patients but a few Hashi patients get it too. Topical steroid creams are sometimes prescribed but aren't particularly successful and often it will resolve on its own but can take up to a couple of years. You obviously need something for the itching though. Try antihistamines to see whether they help.

    The eye discomfort may be thyroid eye disease again, more common in Graves, but not uncommon in Hashi's. It may be better see an optician rather than a GP. If optition thinks it may be thyroid eye disease for referral to an opthalmologist to be arranged.

  • Hi Clutter, Thanks for your comments. It doesn't itch! This is what is confusing me!! I thought it was strange the two symptoms began almost at the same time. Just coincidence I suppose. Grrr x

  • BJ, I don't think it is coincidence. I suspect it's to do with the autoimmune nature of Hash's. If you haven't already tried, it may be worth adopting a gluten-free diet. G-f has helped a lot of Hashi patients manage Hashi's and reduce antibodies.

  • Maybe have a look here:


    Several pictures - is what you are talking about anything like any of them?

    Getting the right name can be so very helpful in finding out what to do about such issues.


  • Clutter, yes, I have thought about a GF diet, but was tested for Coeliacs when first diagnosed with Hashimotos, and it was negative, but might have a go at it, can't make things any worse!

    Rod, the pics look very similar to what I have. I had my Full Blood Count tested at work today, came back normal, surely that's a positive?

    Thanks both for your help :)

  • Coeliac test/ test for gluten sensitivity is not 100% relaibale. I would try GF diet, it helped me and I have developed Hashi's (TPO antibodies)

  • Are you having hyperthyroid symptoms? It does sound like what Clutter says.

  • You can have Graves and Hashi's at the same time..maybe ask for Graves Disease testing?

  • Hashimoto's can mimic symptoms of Graves. Your thyroid is being attacked by your immune system and so your thyroid fights back by releasing more of its precious hormones into the system as it is detroyed by immune antibodies. So you can be on a rollercoaster of symptoms as your thyroid is slowly losing the war. The key is fixing your immune system which resides in your gut. Stop the inflammation and you will see your symptoms improve. Gluten is a key cause of inflammation for a large percentage of Hashi sufferers. ("Patient heal thyself" = going 100% glutenfree.) Some people get relief from going completely grain free, as well. Look up ketogenic diet, autoimmune paleo diet, and GAPS diet. You will find a wealth of recipes, research and support in those areas.

  • Because I take too much thyroxine - all symptoms come back if I take any less - I suppose I am technically hyperthyroid. My bloods are 'out' but not massively so..... will see what GP say on Monday!

  • Hi Exact description of my legs. GP puzzled, had it 8 weeks, nothing works. Any help appreciated.

    TED is related to thyroid but separate condition you should be under a consultant for diagnosis.No treatment that I have heard of in the many years I have had it Articicial tears help the discomfort.


  • Have you considered a Lupus blood test?

  • How clever of you . Quite likely as I have Sjogrens.

    Thanks ,


  • Sarahwoo, I am beginning to think that's what I may have tbh :( Surely all of these symptoms can't stem from just Hashimotos can they?

  • It's worth getting your blood tested just incase. If nothing else, it's something to rule out. Good luck hope you get some answers soon.

  • YES, all symptoms ~can~ be Hashi.

  • The gluten test for celiac is not the end-all be-all for gluten intolerance. To my understanding, only one company does the test that tests for the non-celiac gluten intolerance and it's Cyrex Laboratories in Arizona. I had it done. I tested positive for gluten intolerance that is not the celiac intolerance. Gluten is made up of different proteins. In a word, the celiac test is only going to get at the proteins causing celiac and the other proteins are going to be ignored, leaving you with a determination that you can eat gluten, when you should not. I have Hashimotos, diagnosed in 2011. I didn't go glutenfree at first, I thought it was extreme. 6 months later, I decided what the hell? and I tried it. 8 months into being glutenfree - I lost 30 lbs - not even trying. The brain fog cleared up, my eyes felt clearer, and my skin was healthier. But don't believe just me. I did a lot of my own research online. If you google these people who are researching and in clinical practice and are writing scientific papers about Hashi, you will see the trend in advice. Get away from the gluten. Here are their names: Dr Perlmutter, Dr Datis Kharrazian, Dr Izabella Wentz. They are the ones on the cutting edge of Hashimotos and autoimmune research and treatment. I am now also eliminating sugar from my diet and all grains, in an effort to heal and understand what foods are inflammatory to my condition. For some folks it's extreme, I guess. For me it's a matter of living a healthy life and not having all the problems that my Mom had into her late years, as I understand clearly now that she was undiagnosed Hashi most of her adult life: strokes, impossible to lose weight, low energy, fatigue, skin problems, depression. Like quitting anything, it has to be 100% of the time, all the time, no cheating. (Yes. 100% glutenfree. IE: Catholics should request a glutenfree host at Sunday services, ask them, the archdiocese in your area knows about this issue and they are prepared to respond accordingly.)

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