Following posters

May I make a suggestion?

If you wish to follow a person (rather than a post) - consider sending a Private Message to the person you are thinking of following. Introduce yourself, and say "Would you mind if I follow you in this forum?" and even add a comment that explains why you want to.

Then wait for a positive response before following the person.

I think that this would reduce the unease that has clearly been felt when they get told they are being followed and have no option.

[Hopefully, in the near future, there will be technical solutions. But for now the above could help.]


PS: For myself, please do not bother. I rarely say anything that I feel private or protective about. So you are welcome.

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  • That sounds very sensible and am sure that others will feel the same too.

    Don't do yourself an injustice Rod, am sure I'm not alone in appreciating various papers that you bring to our attention. Do confess to not being able to understand some of them but they are always worth looking at, even if I have to re-read at least twice.

    There are many users on here that have acquired a huge amount of experience and knowledge and I'm grateful that they do share it. We are continually learning.

  • Cinammon_girl, I don't think he was saying that he didn't post anything of interest, he was saying that he doesn't mind being followed by people because he doesn't give away any personnal information that could be used against him.

    Unlike myself who is always reminded of an anacdote that I just launch into without giving it much thought! lol But, whatever, if it amuses and/or helps, then who cares! My life is an open book!

    Hugs, Grey

  • Oh dear, I mis-read! Thanks for pointing that out grey.

    Apologies Rod.

  • :)

  • I appreciate all the fascinating posts you put so felt compelled to follow you. It is a good suggestion to ask first tho.

  • Good suggestion Rod, thank you for posting

  • Very good suggestion thanks Rod, I feel uneasy being followed by someone I know absolutely nothing about particularly as I have no choice in the matter!

  • Helvella, if you do follow someones post, is it just that one post you follow so you don't miss an update on it if you have joined in on the conversation (by posting back a reply yourself,) or do you end up following all of that persons separate postings ?

    I am on another completely different (hobby,) forum site and if you write/reply back to the original Poster you can tick a box below to receive updates on only that one post, you do not follow any other Postings that same person starts, unless you join in again. Is this the same as happens on here TUK ?

  • You can follow a post - then you will get notification of all new comments on that post (not replies to comments - just original comments).


    You can follow a person - then you will get notification of any new posts by that person (not comments and/or replies - just new posts).

    Hope this helps! :)

    I also think it would be a good idea to introduce yourself first!

    Don't worry about asking me though! :)

    I'm pleased to know that people want to read what I post - it's mostly TUK news anyway!



  • Can you cancel a person following you on all of your posts if you are unhappy about them doing so Louise ?

  • No. Though we all hope it will become possible.

  • Yes! agree helvella.

  • Sorry, no. This is something that we have asked for though. :)

    I think there is an option, coming soon, to opt out of all following....



  • That's sounds good Louise. :)

    Our local Doctor has said he must look up TUK website, don't want them spotting us on here ;)

    Happy Christmas to you all at TUK.

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