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About to start B12 supplement: advice please

I'm about to start a B12 supplement (the Jarrow 1000mcg lozenges; they were cheaper on Amazon than the 500mcg lozenges); I already take a B complex tablet in the morning (Boots standard one) so nothing should be unbalanced. My question is this: my last B12 reading was 500-odd (range 190-900), so not terrible but not wonderful either so should I take 1000mcg every day, or every other day? I know you can't overdose on B12 but don't want to waste it either.

Additionally, my last folate reading was 8-odd, can't remember the reference range. What impact is the B12 supplementation likely to have on my folate level?



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Jo, why not take 1,000mcg daily for 6 weeks to boost B12 levels up towards the top of range and then cut back to alternate days. Folate 8 should improve from the folic acid, usually 100% of RDA, in the B Complex.


Thanks, Clutter. Sound advice as always! Will let you know how it goes.


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