Double standards on T3???

I question the double standards of the medical establishment in the UK promoting the use of anti-depressant which may be no more use than placebo. This research document on anti-depressants states that...

"A key issue disregarded by critics is the patient’s point of view, as if the patient is benefiting from antidepressant treatment does it matter whether this is being achieved via drug or placebo effects? However, it is evident that the ideal antidepressant has not been found as three key problems of intolerance, delayed therapeutic onset and limited efficacy persist. "

However, thyroid patients are told that their point of view on T3 is irrelevant because the 'experts' have made the decision for them. The medical establishment is prepared to prescribe hundreds of millions of anti-depressants on the basis that it may work as placebo even if not efficacious but they want to stop T3 medicine, even though it is highly effective in replacing what the body lacks.

Double standards???

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  • All about money 😊

  • Clearly!

  • It is disgusting and reprehensible that multiple medications are prescribed for clinical symptoms which haven't been resolved with levothyroxine. Only TSH is taken into account and not one medical person knows the purpose of Free T4 and Free T3.

    Dr Lowe and Dr Skinner and Dr Peatfield knew how to diagnose and treat. Dr Lowe that the TSH should be disbanded and Dr Skinner's 'a parlous situation for patients' Dr Peatfield resigned his licence as he was pursued like other doctors for doing as he was taught by very disinguished doctors. The best thing patients got well and prescribed NDT and or T3.

  • Why not prescribe T3 and save money on AD's - Statins - Blood Pressure Pills - PPI's - Pain Killers .... and so on 😴

    The NHS seems to have cupboards full of baked beans and no bread to make toast with ....

  • Because the doctors get paid to dish out ADs- Statins- etc. etc. etc.... There is no financial incentive to dish out T3...

  • That would make sense... but the "experts" (who have not got a clue about the problems/symptoms/miserable life) have spoken!! So it must be right. It is an impossible dire situation...

  • I agree. Same goes with new drug developed for high cholesterol, it is based on T3. So it tells it all doesn't it. They know how effective T3 is so they go and develop new money maker they can sell.

  • Oooh do tells us more. I thought it was VitD they had added to the new generation of statins. Cholesterol is needed to process the suns rays on the skin to make VitD. Blocking cholesterol blocks D3 formation .....

  • Are these people scientists or not who are making us more unwell due to their 'modernisations'.

  • Probably scientists paid by the pharmaceutical companies. All drugs/prescription medications deplete nutrients and I bet no doctor will ever tell you that, even if they know. Antidepressants will deplete B complex vitamins, selenium, zinc, L-glutathione, calcium magnesium and vitamin C - but not to worry when we all develop symptoms caused by the consistent depletion of nutrients - another drug is on its way to treat it - win- win and lots of extra money for big pharma!!

  • I agree! !!!!

    All drugs are antagonists to vitamins and nutrients. Even pain killers. Birth control pills are one of the worst ones as they seem to cause low level inflammation in small intestine.

  • Totally agree!

  • More likely upstarts fulll of their own importance and status. They are the "modern gods"... ahah!

  • Oh dear I wish I would remember where I read about it. I usually am very sure I remember what I read, but unfortunately I hardly ever remember to bookmark anything so I could go back!

    I will try to find the source and hope I remember right :D but I am quite sure it was T3 based drug that affects cholesterol only, but had no side effects.. (yeah sure, I bet they have put all type of nasties in it amongst whatever they had taken from T3 and the drug is super dangerous and T3 gets even worse reputation).

  • You are usually very on the ball 😊 It will come to you when you least expect it ....

  • .... I think this is worthy of a new post of its own 😊 Glad you found it .

  • I agree with Marz - do a separate post. Higher cholesterol is one of the clinical symptoms of hypo, so why deny patients the benefit of T3 never mind all of the other benefits a patient can experience.

  • Well, there are no blood tests to prove you need anti-depressants in the first place, so it's purely subjective on the part of the doctor. To stop them would be to admit s/he was wrong. give up funding points and have a patient who might not be doped up enough to take what was dished out without question. Oh Brave New World! We should all be on soma ... then we'd be happy and not complain about anything, ever.

  • double-standards, which are illogical, unscientific and clearly make no sense...

    They used to tell us that the Earth was flat and that the Sun circulated around Earth, they kept lobotomising mentally ill patients for years etc. :

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