Internal imflammaion

Hi guys!

I went to the doctors last week and he wants to refer me to an Endo (YAY!!!) however before I get the referral he insisted I went to the hospital straight away for blood tests and and upper body X-ray to determine whether I had any internal inflammation. He said as long as this comes back all clear he would refer me. Has anyone else heard of internal inflammation? I tried to google a bit to see if I could understand what it really means and the links with hypothyroidism but didn't see to get very far

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Mostly we cannot get the tests we want - even when the reasons are explained to the GP. This time the GP is sending you for tests that do not have a reason it seems. What symptoms do you have that has made him think you have internal inflammation ? Raised CRP levels - Raised ESR - Raised white blood cells ?

I have been having cold night sweats but apart from that I have been making a good improvement with energy levels over the last year

Hope all goes well for you....

Haven't heard of that but if you told him you are tired and breathless maybe he's checking because of that.

Nope none of those. If anything I was telling how much better I had been recently.

P'raps he was too embarrassed to refer you to an endo because he hadn't done a thorough work-up previously. Would be uncomfortable for him to receive a letter from the endo saying something like, "I'm surprised you didn't test x and y before referring this lovely lady"...

I'm a born cynic... :-D

This is true. It was all very sudden. One minute I was in the surgery next I was told I was booked in for X-rays and bloods at the hospital straight away. The mystery will be solved next Monday. Just hadn't heard of other people with hypothyroidism being sent for this.

Don't forget to keep us posted 😊

I will do :)

I would think twice b4 having unnecessary x-rays (which are usually a diagnostic tool for bones etc, not soft tissue).

Oh dear well I have had it now :(

Don't worry. Hope they all comeclear.

Not only for bones. They use them for checking for breast cancer, in CT scan, etc. It's true that the radiation is accumulative, and one has to think about the necessity of having even an X-ray at the dentist.

Hi Everyone,

Results came back all clear and been referred to endocrinologist :)

maybe he is thinking of TB on your lungs, I believe that causes night sweats!!

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