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Ferritin levels

Hi All

Just wondering about the best way to increase ferritin. It was 26.9 last tested result. I've started eating red meat twice a week instead of once but just wondered what to take supplement wise? I've got a multivitamin (without iodine) that has %100 rda but should I take another 100% with 1000 mg vit c also? Or is there an easier dietry way? I'm on the low carb high fat bandwagon at the moment recommended by a hashimotos sufferer.

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May sound a bit odd but I increased my ferritin levels by taking Spatone once a day and eating cockles! Cockles are very high in iron so I ate one jar of them everyday with vinegar and black pepper. Tasty.......only if you you like.



Ewww cockles. Yikes. I'll google spatone though thanks


Hi Jodypody. Despite having hypothyroidism, SLE and Sjogren's, I try to maintain a very fit and healthy lifestyle. I'm borderline anemic and can easily get low ferritin levels due to the AI as well as "foot strike hemolysis" since I log 25-30 miles per week cardio. I've tried all sorts of iron supplements but the ONLY thing I have found to raise my ferritin level (and quickly) is by supplementing with Ferrex-150 and 5mg Ferritin capsules from Cardiovascular Research LTD. I take two capsules of each mid-day so as to not interfere with my thyroid medications that I take in the am and pm. I started off with just one capsule of each to make sure I'd have no stomach upset (I didn't). My ferritin levels went from 17.7 ng/dl on 10/29/2014 to 47 ng/dl on 12/11/2014. My muscle and exercise endurance went up and I definitely felt better overall.

These supplements are available on Amazon and are not expensive. Good luck! :-)


Ah cheers that sounds great. I must admit I was expecting decent strength gains since being diagnosed and treated but nothing of any significance yet. Only on 75 and suspect I'm not converting. Decided to take 100 this morning as I've felt lousy for a couple of weeks. What's been your experience?


I'm guessing that (1), you aren't taking enough daily and/or (2), your current supplement isn't the right kind of iron that your system can absorb.

For years, I took a multi with iron thinking it was enough - it wasn't. So I did research and began taking Feosol Bifera, which contains two kinds of iron and is promoted to be gentle on stomach (it was for me), but after 7 months I saw NO increase in Ferritin level and serum iron was borderline. So, I then started researching Ferritin supplements and came across the Cardiovascular Research Ferritin 5 mg capsules. In addition, I added in the Ferrex-150 because (1), it is a polysaccharide iron complex, (2), it is 150 mg of elemental iron in ONE capsule, (3), it had great reviews and (4), it is cost efficient (I'd have to take 6 Feosol capsules to equal the amount of elemental iron in one Ferrex-150 and the Feosol Bifera is so much more expensive!!)

Oh I just rembered that I also take 1000 mg Vit C at the same time to aide in absorption.

Now, I don't know if it is the Ferrex-150 or the Ferritin supplement (or the combination of the two) that is doing the trick but the combo works for me so I am not changing a thing. Diet alone doesn't work for me (I normally eat a lot of iron-rich foods). I think my two auto-immune disorders (lupus & Sjogrens) have caused me to have malabsorption issues and that is why I have had trouble with ferritin levels and iron levels (also Vit D and B12). Finding the right supplements that work for me was key. All I know is that my numbers are rising, I'm able to do strength training and longer cardio sessions, and I'm not as tired all the time.


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