Edema and low salt

Edema and low salt

I knew salt helped adrenal fatigue but not, exactly, that it helped mobilize fluid in low metabolism. Couple of interesting articles on salt myths and super hydration. I have swollen feet and more on and off, and do avoid salt apart from the rare pkt of crisps. Does anyone know more about this? Time for bed and haven't trawled much on this yet.



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  • If you are hypothyroid you may not be on sufficient medication as swelling is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. So that's the first thing to concentrate on.

    Those two articles are good as well and Dr Brownstein suggests the use of Unrefined Sea Salt in:-


    because it also contains lots of minerals etc.

    For years we've been told Salt is bad for us and until recently saturated fat.

  • Thanks Shaws. If am on 3grains NDT and a little added t3, which my new endo suspects is too much....until blood test results which I also suspect will only be TSH. I am wondering if I have adrenal issues or conversion probs. I did find the salt info interesting because I don't have any extra at home or away. But I do eaT cheese and fish. Yes, saturated fat issue interesting especially as many of usd have issues with sugar and simple carbs. Carbs at all...as I skim along the edge of the insulin roller coaster.

  • This post interested me as a couple of years ago I started walking again, and when we had started doing longer distances, I would start to feel really ill, I would go dizzy and sick, sometimes vomited, and couldn't work out what it was. I was drinking enough, we always carried plenty of water with us but I wasn't eating much. The sickness got worse, even when not out walking, and I began craving salt. The cravings were like those you get during pregnancy.

    I did a bit of online material from a running site about low salt in long distance runners and that if you get those sickly feelings you need salt. These websites suggested taking salt with you on longer runs and placing it on your tongue. I started doing this, I began taking more and more of it, and I started feeling better. I still get nausea sometimes, but then again I always have suffered from nausea, but I don't get those episodes where I feel so ill I just want to lie down or vomit anymore.

    Like everyone else, I had always assumed that salt was bad for you, we don't use much salt as a rule, and we never sprinkle it onto our food. But if we ever use salt in cooking it's always sea salt. We had always believed that we got sufficient salt from cheese and bread and other similar foods.

    I recently broke my ankle and haven't been doing anything for a few weeks, but still get the occasional need for salt.

  • I crave salt a lot. Eat it straight from the package but I have a massive water retention problem

  • Have a look at Mayo clinic's brief summary of salt craving:


  • Everything but the weight loss, typical!.:-P

  • Thank you Helvella. I thought it was to do with thyroid. Improves at certain points. Never heard of Addison's dissease. Hope is not that. See if after getting my hormones and supplements up this will improve. I put salt in my pizza, sometimes come home and only bread with olive oil and plenty of salt you stop the craviing

  • Addison's was originally named from when tuberculosis was found to have infected the adrenal glands. The name, however, now applies to primary adrenal insufficiency regardless of cause.



  • I buy pink Himalayan salt or sea salt, but never the table/cooking salt; there's too much of that in all the food that I eat in cafés.

  • I don' t crave salt, just missed the bit about sodium being low, or can below in hypothyroidism. Did some hunting and found some good stuff on minerals on STTM and Sarah Myhill on mitochondrial dysfunction and minerals.http://thyroid.about.com/b/2010/05/17/t3-superior-t4-levothyroxine-hypothyroidism-thyroid.htm I'm using a tablet and notsure if right link taken. I was also interested because low exercise tolerance and lactic acid build up in muscles.

  • I feel much better now I take half a tspn of salt in water every morning - far fewer adrenal problems. I have "sausage legs" but I'm pretty sure it's not water retention as my feet are skinny - I have a definite ridge round my ankle (or where my ankles ought to be).

  • Angel are you on NDT? My swelling started after starting it. Ironically, during my better periods I often have swollen feet ankles, and when the fluid has gone I am usually feeling hypo. GP told me that swelling can be a reaction to thyroid hormone but rare. I dunno.

  • Just T3. I have no knees or ankles, just straight up and down legs, But it doesn't seem to be fluid - raising legs etc makes no difference. Sometimes I have an inch or so of achilles tendon. Been like that for a lot of years now - since I had a very bad turn with my adrenals.

  • My fluid is pitting so could be a number of things...although, I believe plain fluid can be part of hypo. Does your pit when you press it? Or could it be mucin/non-pitting. The How do you think it might be something to do with adrenals?

  • Non-pitting, as far as I can tell, although I do get sock marks. I don't know that it is to do with adrenals, it just started at the same time. I used to have nice legs :-(

  • Are on enough replacement...should shift mucin?

  • Eventually, I hope. If that's what it is.

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