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Since the influx of Himalyan and Sea Salt in the past 5 years or so, we too def stopped the factory made salt. Most of these salts are not iodized. It was a fairly decent source for a long time. Of course manufacturers like Morton still make iodized salt, but their product def sits on the shelf much longer now, their anti-caking ingredient must surely help. But I wonder if I should go back to iodized salt. I do see there are some sea salts and himalayan salt that is being enriched with iodine but the amount varies so I don't know which one. "REAL SALT" says it's in their by nature, but it's a very low amount. I was using this particular salt for months prior to Hashimoto's Dx. I don't know if that's a coincidence, I think perhaps. But leaves me to wonder. But prior to that I was using just Sea Salt, Celtic Salt, Himalayan salt. None of them have iodine. So what is the verdict? Is it good to consume an iodized salt for people w/Hashimoto's?

Thank you.

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  • If you have hashis there is a potential risk in taking iodine. Antibodies may increase. You could get worse. This is a v complex and controversial subject, but you should certainly not take iodine without evidence that you are low in iodine.

    Some drs hypothesise that taking iodine and selenium together helps, but this is far from proved.

    Do you know that your body is low in iodine?

  • No, I don't know. Never had it tested. But from what you're saying, I can relate and understand completely. Prior to ever knowing i had a thyroid problem, I used to take Kelp once in a while. Just prior to my Dx of Hashi's, I was taking one a day, and also applied iodine to my skin. It kept "sucking it up" so I applied it about 4 times within a period of a few days. The next time I got a blood test, about 2 weeks later, the results were vastly different from the first. My TSH was 19, low T4 and low/normal T3 and very high antibodies.

    It's absolutely bewildering the variables within this condition. It's no wonder doctors seem to not know what they're doing. Too many things to consider and what people do or eat or take supplements can change everything.

    I've seen people review all the iodines out there, and many say how marvelous they feel taking it, like it's the ticket, but certainly doesn't seem to be the case for people with thyroid problem.

    I do think we need some, but maybe miniscule. Which is why I thought iodized salt is helpful? IDK.... pure guessing game for me.

  • I think your response to high doses of iodine suggests that you are not low in it. There is iodine in levo, 60 per cent of what is needed, I think Clutter says. So I think probably you don't need any kind of supplement, especially if you drink milk and eat fish now and then.

    People who have hypo but don't have antibodies can take iodine safely.

    Have you ever supplemented selenium? A few studies have suggested it might lower antibodies, though as with all supplemnents you need to watch how your body react s. After a while of supplementing iodine my body simple said No! after a mere sniff of the stuff. It is essential, but dangerous in high quantities, like so many minerals. Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium.

  • Yes, I eat Brazil Nuts fairly regularly and have for years before i even had this. As a matter of fact, I think it's helpful if you have a case of thyroiditis. Last year, well 2014, I was on an 'adrenal' diet, and part of that included taking these Cruciferous capsules. 3, 3X a day. I thought it was much, but it was supposedly to help clean the liver. About a week later or so I got the worst pain right on my thyroid. Never in my life did I have such a thing like this. Just burning. I knew it was these capsules. I asked them and they said no, there's conflicting evidence out there on cruciferous and thyroid, this is perfectly safe. Well on my own common sense I stopped taking them. I looked on the internet and found that thyroiditis can last for months and that selenium helped. So I had a jar of Brazil Nuts, and I ate 5 of them three times a day. In a few days of not taking those pills and eating Brazil nuts, it all went away. I never took those pills again! Most certainly did something. Look at me a year later w/Hashimoto's. Who knows how long we have this before it manifests itself with all the terrible symptoms. I def believe that iodine in excess is not good.

    Thanks for you info.

  • I had a similar experience with elevated TSH, pre-diagnosis, when I was receiving iodine dressings for leg ulcers.

    The blurb for a powdered seaweed product says 1tsp has the iodine equivalent to 12 mackerel, which these days would have me thinking maybe 1/12th of a teaspoonful would be sensible usage on any particular day, but not every day.

  • This article explains the effects of iodine and selenium:

  • I've been advised to take 200mg Selenium and 2 tsp Himalayan Salt per day but Dr Bernard Willis (UK End on Thyroid UK Drs List). Amongst a million other suppliments. He told me I have an expensive disease - you're not kidding! Anyways, I'm feeling much better since I started this regime but I couldn't claim it was these two things on their own as various other things have changed at near enough the same time.

    I'm Hashi. Hypothyroid. Adrenally exhausted. TPO low at 22 ATM.

  • Hi, What is ATM? I only know that as a money dispenser! Perhaps Selenium is something I will add, but I do eat Brazil Nuts, and have for a very long time. I always have a jar in the house. Trader Joe's sells them. They're hard to find on their own, usually in a mix. They're raw.

  • ATM = at the moment?

  • In the north of England it probably translates to At The Minute

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