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Dr Malcolm Kendrick – has anyone seen him re thyroid issues?

He’s just been appointed as one of TPA’s medical advisors, but they couldn't tell me whether he would work with anyone with a suppressed TSH.

On TPA’s advice, I have e mailed his clinic, but have not had any response, so I’m a bit concerned.

If you've anything to add, could you PM me please?


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He's speaking at our conference in Oct! :) But we're not sure about people seeing him for thyroid problems.. :)

Have you had the Pulse Article from me...?




Ah yes, must send off my cheque for the conference. D'oh! Yes, I have had the PULSE article and I also have Dr Toft's helpful little book. GP won't look at either!


:( :( xx


Have you tried submitting it in writing to your GP - a least then there would be something in your records to show that you have asked him to look at the information... xx

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Good idea. I haven’t – no. I’ve tried throughout this to be as non-confrontational as possible and to keep him on side. We changed GPs after my initial endo referral, for completely unconnected reasons, and I basically never saw the GP for about 4 years as I was on three monthly (or so) recalls to the endos at the hospital. It’s only since they discharged me last summer that I’ve had any real dealings with the GP and once I’d persuaded him that an experiment with levo would be a good idea (and it worked) I thought I was onto a winner. Then he dug his heels in. I know I’m rattling him because he’s given me a scrip for 200 instead of 100 on one occasion and he’s not given me a blood form this time, but I haven’t broken him yet. However, there is still time.


Best of luck! :)



Suggest you read one of his posts: "Please protect the community" which may give you a clue about him.


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