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New symptom

What I can only imagine is tinnitus has stared today,first everything sound like it was in surround sound,now my left ear is ringing constantly,it is starting to bug me now,never had this symptom before :-( funny enough since starting my vit d,b12 and folic meds on monday everything seems to have got worse :-( is this possible,I know I should be on injections but you all know the story so far :-(

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It could be the beginning of a healing process. B12 is involved in the maintenance of the myelin sheath that protects the nerves in the body - so perhaps they are waking up. Which could include the nerves within the auditory system.

I know you are in touch with Martyn Hooper - he did a survey of 1000 people with PA - Pernicious Anaemia and the reporting of Tinnitus was the condition that bothered sufferers the most.

Lets hope you get those injections soon. Can you order them yourself on-line and find someone to do them for you ?


I'm looking forward to Monday so I can start keeping on to the doctor again.

Will look into the injections,but if like to see if I can get the help I need first,then take it into my own hands if needed.

Matyn did ask about the tinnitus thing and I said no at the time,but my god I can understand why it would annoy people,its horrid :-(


I can still remember when mine started - dont really notice it now unless its really quiet or the tinnitus changes loudness or tone. You have my full sympathy xx


Thank you,just another thing for me to try and get use too !! X


I only notice mine when somebody starts talking about tinnitus! lol


Magnesium is highly recommended for tinnitus. Fibrojay


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