Since being on T3 I experience a kind of surge going through my brain as I fall asleep. Does anyone else have this?

I used to get this years ago (possibly when I started on thyroxin) but put it down to my neck being twisted as I slept on my stomach at that time. I stopped sleeping on my stomach and it went away but now its back since starting T3.

The only way I could describe it then was that it was like standing near a roadside when a huge motorbike roars past at speed. The sound and vibration is very loud and very fast and then its over. Now I am not experiencing the kind of roar I did years ago but it is the same sensation to a lesser extent. It feels like all the synapses in a pathway through my brain igniting at once then its over and, yes, there is a kind of sound involved although not as much as a fast moving motorcycle now. It is more of a hissing noise now I think. I'm not going mad this really is happening to me.

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  • Yes! I used to have what I think must be exactly the same experience just as I fell asleep- a kind of short, seconds long, silvery sibilant rushing sound accompanied by a sensation like a siver cord slung internally between my ears (husband used to say kindly "It's just nature filling up a vacuum, honey.") Your description involving synapses igniting at once is a much better one. I had just started T3 in addition to T4, but actually attributed it to some feature of recent migraine onset, diagnosed as "stress-induced", but which I now recognise were probably caused by undertreated hypo. The sound/sensation eventually disappeared. I hope yours does too. No, your not going mad, but if you think you are, relax, I got there long before you and they haven't locked me up.


  • Nature filling a vacuum- Ha!- But you're bright enough, Nostone... ;)

  • Thank 'ee, kind sir!!

  • Hi, I have had the same sensation for years very weird, not at all sure what it is but it has never harmed me yet !

  • Thanks both. That's very reassuring!

  • Hi Could it be the time you are taking T3? if very late ,perhaps a bit earlier would help.


  • Me too, but I've always kept quiet about it in case everyone thought I had really lost it. It is so good to know that all these weird feelings are experienced by others too. x

  • Gosh I get that....not every night but fairly often....It crossed my mind that it could be to do with my neck, something being restricted then loosened on lying down? I have hypothyroid and hypoadrenal symptoms...all blood tests normal. Having an MRI scan to see if it's a pituitary problem on Friday......but good to know that other people share the same symptoms. Thank you!

  • Please will you let me know what the results are of your scan. I'd like to know a bit more about it. x

  • will do..strange though that we all have very similar symptoms..I get it just before i sleep too Tats. x

  • I'm so glad to have read your question. I have had this sensation for many months now. It feels like a rush of air and noise through my head then it's gone. As first I questionned myself as to did it really happen as it is always when I'm just about to fall asleep. No idea why but reassured that others have experienced it.

  • Yes, its a bit worrying when you first experience it isnt it? I suppose I'm a bit concerned but not so much as I was years ago when it first happened. Even so it would be good to know what causes it.

  • Yesterday I had come downstairs and gone over to the kitchen sink, suddenly this whoosh/roar sound, I went forward a bit held onto the sink and thought shit, what was that? It must have been what you all have been describing. You get a similar sound/feeling when you are going to faint or before you faint but I wasn't/didn't faint!

  • I just saw your posting - you might like to Google "Exploding Head Syndrome". The exploding refers to the noise, not an event about to happen!

    It is quite common apparently especially when stressed or ill that you experience a loud noise just before you fall asleep. I had it for a while after a bad flu virus - it sounded like gunfire. Of course it made me totally awake!

  • Hi Jacks

    Thanks for that. You're right. It is a noise. In fact last night I decided the sound I heard was like a loud elastic band twanging. It doesn't always sound the same. Years ago it was like a motor bike roaring past. I'll look it up.

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