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No hijacking, please

Please will posters stop hijacking other peoples' posts to have their own 'internal' conversation? I recently posted a question and was notified that people had responded to my question, only to find out that they were having their own private interaction that had nothing to do with my post. Sorry if folk think I'm a moaner, but this is really frustrating and annoying.

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Hi MaggieT - if it was your post of a month ago - there were 92 replies :-) I think sometimes when there are so many posts in a thread we lose track and go off at tangents. I can appreciate it can be annoying - as can other things on a forum. For example - when people don't read the links you post - and then ask a question that you know would be answered in the link.

You are not a moaner - am sure many will sympathise ....


My main issue is that I get a notification every time! I'm really glad that people take an interest and I have learnt a lot, that is why I don't want to come across as a moaning Minnie!



There is something in at least one of the pinned posts about keeping things on topic.

It can be irritating for people - particularly because you will get a notification of every comment!

If a thread has gone majorly off-topic, perhaps it would be worth just commenting on your own thread to ask people nicely if they could please move the conversation to messages.




Oh, I am surely guilty of this! And I apologise profusely. I just get carried away sometimes, I'm such a chatter box. I will try not to do it in future, and try to stick to the point. :(


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