Ridged nails - dermatologist diagnosis

Dermatologist said my nail condition was washboard nails also known as fungal paronychia, but looking at the images for each of these shows a different type of effect on the nails. Mine resembles the washboard images which is due to picking at the cuticles, which I do. The fungal paronychia is due to a fungal infection for which she gave me ointment to rub into cuticles.

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My ridged nails have smoothed out quite a lot since I started taking daily calcium/Vit D/Vit K tablets.

Hi Hypopotamus, thank you, apparently my calcium and vit d are high after supplementation over a few months. Were low mid last year. But this hasn't made a difference as to nails, perhaps the K will make a difference?

Hi - yes you need vit K with D3 to send the calcium to where you need it or it goes where you dont want it...we should get it from our food but our modern day diets may not be sufficient.

Thank you jezebel69, I will start to take vit k, what dosage would be best?

The usual strength seems to be 100mcg - thats what I take. Make sure its vit K2 as only this one has all the health benefits :)

Thank you jezebel69.

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