Hi guys, just wondering if you might be able to help, I was diagnosed hypothyroid June of last year and put on 100mg levo. I'm unfortunately not well on this and am having the usual uphill battle with gp and endo. Anyway, yesterday as I was cutting and filing my nails, I noticed that nearly all my nails have a red/brown colour at the base of the nails ( where the moon shape bit is) the tip and middle of the nail bed are of normal colour, I do have a problem with skin pigmentation, which Is going to be investigated but I'm not sure if they are connected, or if my thyroid has caused one or both. Has anyone else experienced this? Or has any idea what it might be? Thank you in advance

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  • Sounds like you need to be tested for.Addisons

  • Hi reallyfedup123 thank you for replying, I'm being tested for addisons this month, do you think the two are connected?

  • What were the symptoms that made them test you, nikki?

  • Hi Aspmama, symptoms are very low blood pressure, dizziness muscle cramps everywhere, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, nausea and sickness and my skin pigmentation, I have scars from when I was a teenager that healed beautifully and you couldn't really see them, that have now turned dark brown, quite bizarre really, is this something you are familiar with?

  • Pigmentation from addisons can affect all sorts

  • Hi Nikki, My finger nails are Ok - there was always a tendency for them to split at sides though. My toe nails aren't OK - they are brittle, thickened, and I have fungal nail infection in both feet now, which seems to be untreatable I've bought the priciest best treatments for several years which never worked My skin pigment colour has gone as of 2014, it started with my arms, heels and the back across my shoulders. It's called Vitiligo when the skin cell pigment goes.

    I have Hashimotos, although I'm aware of Addisons as a condition. I have other different more complicated health issues going on. However it might be worth having your leucocytes and platelets checked out via a blood test.

  • Thank you for your reply, I will look into getting those blood tests. I would think or should I say hope that if Addison's comes back clear they'd maybe refer me to a dermatologist my skin is so bad, I look as though I've been away although I live in England and don't really go out as I just don't have the energy. I have heard that Vicks vapour rub is really good for nail fungus, they say to keep the nail as short as possible and rub the Vicks in everyday, it takes about 3-4 months as the nail grows out, apparently there is something in the Vicks that starves the fungus, I've not tried it myself but you never know. I hope your health gets better and I wish you well. Nikki

  • Nikki - Are you getting enough Vitamin D - the sun Vitamin! Like you I do not get out a lot, but when home and if the sun is out I make sure I get at least 10 minutes worth of it from my little courtyard. My doctor prescribes me a monthly liquid dose of Vit D3 but both him and the pharmacist said dont orally supplement extra Vit D. I do feel better with the D3 for several days, not necessarily a whole month though.

    I know you may well get different opinions on supplementing that on here. I find fresh air in itself beneficial anyway.

    Last December I started, after discussion with my pharmacist, taking a liquid product called Arko Royal (for you I think) it contains honey,Royal jelly, ginseng and something else - which you will find details of on their website. They make a variety of natural remedies, I haven't looked at all their products. The Royal Jelly, I took one phial per day of 2ml liquid dose in water, for 20 days stopped completely for 10 days then started a 2nd month course. I certainly felt a,lot better because it was helping clean my system up. Confusion i.e. brain fog and fatigue certainly disappeared - I was almost like a woman possessed. Unfortunately It didn't help my nails though!

    If you know you are hypo, and nails and skin are changing, it's possible you have already developed Hashimotos and have an autoimmune condition - so again the proper blood tests can determine this. Hang on to this thread, Monday an admin or others better informed and better memory than me, will tell you exactly what blood tests to ask for which should identify properly at what stage your Hypothyroidism is or is not at.

    Thanks for the tip about the Vicks ointment, I think I still have a small jar of it here -although it may be past a use by date. I know the Vics nasal inhaler has helped me this last week with my breathing problems where the prescribed Spiriva Respimat inhaler didn't. Actually I've often recommended garlic juice squeezed from a cut slice of it as being good for things like mouth sores - I should have thought of that for my nails and I hadn't - but now I've reminded myself - I must give it a go!

    I also wish you well and hope you get a speedy resolution with your nail and skin problems. Sambs x.

    Keep posting on here, especially with your blood test results when you have them.

  • I would not have thought the sell by date of your Vick would be of any consequence. Give it a go!

  • Hey Sambs, yes when diagnosed hypo was also diagnosed very low vitamin d (only 18) gp gave me a course and I now supplement it myself on advice from clutter. I'll have a look in to the Arkopharma products, I'd love to feel like a woman pocessed if only for a day 😂 Take care Sambs , Nikki xx

  • Hi Nikki - definitely take more notice of Clutter than me anyday! :-)

    But yes the Arko Royale definitely affected/helped my energie, therfore mood/mental capacity for the better. do discuss it with a pharmacist though and make sure it's right for you if you have other health issues because I'm certainly not medically qualified :-(

    Have a good day :-) Sambs xx

  • SAMBS in regard to your fungal toe nails I read some where about the efficacy of Vick. (I haven't tried it), good old fashioned Vick vapour rub, spread thickly on fungal toes before bed and put on sox, keep doing every night until the nail has grown out. Worth a try?!

  • Thanks Margo x

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