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Has anyone had an iron infusion?


I am due to have an iron infusion as I have a persistently low ferritin level (no more than 5 for over 18 months). Has anyone had one and what should I expect? Does it hurt, do you feel sick and will I feel immediately more energetic?

I am hoping for negative answers to the first two and positive one for the last ;-)

Many thanks


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i have had one and no it does not hurt . it like being on a drip they do a wee bit first to see how you react .it takes time so be prepare.take a book to read. hope that help a bit



Hi Chablis

I saw your post on the Lupus site which is why I posted this reply. I have Lupus/UCTD and persistently low ferritin. I have always argued with my Rheumatologist that oral iron tablets exacerbate my Lupus but he found that rather laughable. I am very sensitive to many drugs and was surprised when I breezed uneventfully through my Cosmofer infusion in 2012. No pain, nausea etc just a boring few hours hooked up to an IV. (They monitor you closely throughout). I noticed no side effects for the next week or so but did then experience overwhelming fatigue which heralded an unwelcome flare (type 3 hypersensitivity) triggered (I later found out) by the iron. A subsequent infusion of Ferinject triggered the same reaction but I was ready for it this time. Iron infusions clearly are not for me.

In all fairness, I don't think this is a common reaction but forewarned is forearmed. Most people feel much better as their iron levels improve. My mouth ulcers and GERD have resolved with a more stable HB. Best wishes. C x


I'm scared yesterday they put me IV Iron I'm pregnant 7months and today I wake up little bit dizzy but then later I start feeling tired and chest pain right now but is already went away ......or is just my nervousness or my panic attacks or I'm worry to much :( help


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