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My gp is happy to support me on armour, although she not prescribing it, & is now researching it.. She has told me I need to now go up to 100mcg t4 & printed off all the tests that I've had in 10 months for me.. When I got home my meds had arrived.. I'd already taken 75 Levo this morning, so I've just taken 1/4 to take me to my new level of 100mcg t4... Fingers crossed I feel like a new woman.... Despite my name being rudeboy.. That's actually my dogs name & I duno how to change it on my profile!!!

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Are you going to continue with 75 T4 1/4 NDT for a while then? There is a possibility this small tweak is all you need.

I'll see if that works, if not I'll 1/2 grain & 50 Levo, if that doesn't do it I'll whole grain.. Trial & error, asking as I don't over do it on the t4!!

Hope all goes well for you. My BP went up too much on Thyroid-S, so am giving it a rest for a while.

That's good that your doctor is very reasonable. I know the BTA put false statements on their website re Armour or any other natural dessicated thyroid medication which have been in use since 1892 in different forms. Your GP may like to read this article:

Thank you .. I'll print that off!

I'm not sure if you can re-name yourself. If you do, we wont know you are 'rudeboy' :)

Ida changed it to rude girl.. Ha

Rudeboy, Your GP sounds very supportive. Hope the NDT improves things for you.

You can change your username twice

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