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I've just found out that my usual GP has left the practice so I've made an appointment with another who I know is hypo, but who seems to be of the "all you need is levo" brigade. I've been on levo since last August (now on 100mcg) and still have all of my symptoms. The only one that had improved was my constipation but even that is now becoming a problem again. I am unable to lose weight, have terrible mood swings/depression, problems with my hair etc etc so feel like I need to try something else now as T4 alone clearly isn't working...and this is where you lovely people come in!

I always feel awkward trying to tell GPs how to do their job and am expecting a bit of opposition from this one so can anyone advise me what I should be saying to him to convince him? Also my appointment is at 11.45 so I am planning to miss my levo (which I take approx 3-4am) and take it afterwards-is that OK?

Thanks a lot :-)

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  • It is very difficult isn't it..... disagreeing with the GP seems futile as they hold all the power and can basically just say 'no' to any request. I would go in and state your situation firmly but politely and how they will agree to a dose increase. If they refuse perhaps ask for a second opinion or to see a specialist?

    How did it go?

  • You have given me smile of the day infomaniac ......please don't get me wrong as your symptoms are obviously giving you problems and hopefully someone can help you.....................I just couldn't help thinking of a cartoon picture, with you sitting looking at your GP and saying to him ,

    " I think you might need some T3."

    Hope your appointment goes well x

  • Hi Infomaniac, One can only hope that the new GP will have to eat her words in years to come, but then again she could be on the right dosage of Levo (or possibly Eltroxin, a much superior Levo). Janet.

  • Maybe you need a dose increase?

  • Thanks everyone. I would love it if an increase did the trick as it would be much easier to just take one tablet instead of two or three plus it's so hard to get T3 so we shall see!

    j_bee, I've stuck to Mercy Pharma levo but would definitely change if you think Eltroxin is better. I know different chemists stock different brands so do you know how I can find out who stocks Eltroxin?

  • Eltroxin has not been available in the UK since early last year. See the original story here:


    As of product made in July 2014, Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine and Mercury Pharma Eltroxin will be absolutely identical with the self-same product licenses. There will be no point in seeking one over the other.


  • I hope they bring Mercury up to the level of Eltroxin and not vice versa then.

  • The only change, so far as I am aware, will be a very small adjustment to the formulation of the 50 microgram Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine. I think that the 25 and 100 microgram tablets already were identical.


  • So that means as I am on 100mcg I am effectively taking Eltroxin then?

  • I believe so. Mercury Pharma and the MHRA have said as much.


    Whether there is any noticeable difference between Eltroxin as it was , say, two years ago and now is a more difficult question. There has been no change to the product licence which should mean no intentional change - but the sensitivity of people to almost unimaginably small differences is astonishing.


  • I'll just stick to Mercury then. I don't feel great but I think I could be a lot worse and I am so scared of upsetting the apple cart!

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