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Here we go again

started to feel depressed, low, brain fog, skin dry, nails brittle, again. off to docs today, asked for blood test for thyroid levels as ive been underactive since i was 6yrs old now 52, the time before last i had my levo dropped to 125mcg every other day from 150 mcg daily, then when i went last time they said to keep at that 125mcg every other day, but that was ages ago. I know im not feeling right, lets see what the new doctor at surgery thinks, dont trust any of them to get it right from previous expriences, but i know im not functioning on all cylinders, ive had this problem all my life. will post my blood results when i get them. It makes me cross, because ive just started a very good support worker job, and im struggling to take things in properly, my new empolyers are being paitent but its making me feel thick, and i am a very exprienced support worker, and normally very good at what i do. Will not be taking medication till after test, as i think it makes a huge difference on results, but if they dont up my meds will be doing it myself. will post results when got them.

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I think there comes a time when we say 'enough is enough' particularly as you have been hypo since your were six years old and, I assume, on synthetic hormones all that time. As you have never felt well, it doesn't obviously suit you and it is time you took things into your own hands and try to get some semblance of a healthy life.

Best wishes.


surprised you have not already upped your meds ...........its your body and you know how you fell not the stupid blood tests and equally dim GPs


I must admit to taking the odd extra pill every now and then, and when i do i feel the benefit, however i cant do it on a regular basis as i only get a prescription for what i need for the month, cut backs in the nhs, so im hopeing that by keep pestering gp about how i feel this time i will get them to prescribe higher dose for the months prescription. New Locum Gp was quite understanding for a change, good job i was sitting down when she said, ! well you should know your body after living with the tyhroid problem for so many years, couldnt believe she actually admitted that, def the first doctor ever to say it to me. had blood test today, and she said she,d ring me as soon as she got results, blimey, normally have to ring and demand them. We,ll see, in the meantime im off to take my meds, that i didnt take before my blood test. Hopefull for once, that ive been listened too. And thanks for the support of people on this site, it makes me feel not alone and misunderstood.

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