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Clearing throat constantly

Hi was just wondering if anyone else has this problem .

I have hashis and have to cough constantly throughout the day to clear my throat , always have a lot of throat mucus that needs clearing . Was wondering if this is a thyroid problem .

Sometimes there's a tickle in my throat at times as well and find it hard to catch my breath and have to keep coughing till it passes , about five minutes .

Different docs have different oppinions one said it was post nasal drip another said it could be allergies another said it could be asthma .

Would be grateful for any advice

Thanks. Sandra

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Hi - Yes absolutely!! Theres a direct link between thyroid and post nasal drip. This in turn causes sinus infections and all the misery that goes with that. Interestingly they referred me to an ENT consultant but reused to let me see an endo lol

The most useful thing I found is to use a neti pot to wash out your sinuses and reduce the risk of infection. I have upgraded to a battery driven Sinugator which is marvellous.


Can I just agree that the battery-driven Sinugator is fantastic for avoiding sinus infections

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Thanks for your reply . Yes I have one of those neti pots , don't think it helps any . It's clears my stuffy nose just for a short time but doesn't help with the cough . Are those battery driven sinugators expensive and does it help with the cough ?


The cough is just the result of mucus running down the back of your throat all night as you sleep. You then spend most of the next day trying to clear it by coughing. Giving up dairy does help a lot of people - sadly I wasnt one of them :(


Hi Sandra49 - try eliminating dairy for a few days. I used to be always clearing my throat. Now I'm dairy free and the problem is gone.


Thanks topaz


Hi Sandra49, did you ever get anywhere with this. I have posted today about Post-nasal drip as it is listed on the Thyroid UK site as being a symptom. As you posted this 10 months ago, I would be interested to know if anything has changed. Thanks x


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