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Hair thinning,dry scalp

I believe my hair has got thinner & my scalp ultra dry & itchy since my T4 conversion declined around 2010 after 13 years of Hashimotos,on thyroxine .

But I also believe,after reading forums like"Earth Clinic"that I have folliculitis with chronic fungal or bacterial infections.My ageing german shepherd has it too.I think this condition is connected with impaired immunity & my chronic sinusitis too.

I use a Sinugator for the sinusitis & avoid foods that aggrevate it.My scalp improved dramatically when I had a course of antibiotics for cystisis,but the folliculitis is creeping back.I do not intend to keep using antibiotics-what most vets & GPs prescribe for this.

I only wash my hair with "Method Bloq" soap,rinse with cider vinegar & slather it with bulk-bought aloe vera gel because I have found it makes the condition manageable (for minimising the itch/scratch cycle)

I never touch any shampoo or creme rinse,having tried all the so-called dry scalp ones.Cider vinegar & aloe vera are very soothing & may have mild anti-fungal action.

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my husband suffered horrendous patches of scaly scalp when he was on levo and or t3 but changing to NDT has cured that

however when he did suffer I rubbed virgin olive oil into the scalp then used tea tree oil shampoo oe eucalyptus shampoo and that made a real difference


Many thanks for taking the time to reply with what has worked for your husband


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