Showed my GP what my replies to my post two months ago said. He was fuming and said is this from just one of those forums. Who is giving you this information?Is it a professional etc etc. He said I was questioning the NHS and would not detriment his career as a GP over this. TELL ME he said who this message comes from and if it is a proper qualified practioner I will act upon it. You will have to read my old post and replies to understand this.

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  • Hi Basten

    Well done you for showing the post information.

    Shame he got angry. My gp has always said that online information is a positive thing, so long as I am careful from which sites I read.

    I don't think reading from here can be negative as real life experience and shared true info, I feel, is way above any kind of medical dictionary.

    Can't believe the Dr would think the majority of members on here are just sitting around making stuff up surely!!!

    I do wonder if medical professionals join on here to read though.... if so "reveal yourselves & be helpful to us pleeeeeeeease".


  • Oh, please don't! We come on here to get away from doctors. We don't want them butting in with their condescencion and patronising ways! I think there are some on here, but it's best they stay anonimous IMHO!

  • What was this all about? x

  • This is a link from Thyroiduk which everyone should read when they first join this site.

    It says clearly that advice etc should not be taken as medically qualified.

    I will say, that the 20,000+ members on this site have not recovered their health otherwise we would be sitting happily somewhere else enjoying life, with not a care in the world. Instead they are struggling due to the fact that they are either undermedicated, undiagnosed, or on the wrong medication. They are not offered an alternative which may be very helpful indeed.

    I don't think your GP is as angry as many on this forum who are left desparately unwell and told they should now be o.k. as their blood tests are 'in range' and are given medication for their remaining symptoms instead of a decent dose of medication. Lose jobs, signed off etc etc.

    This is a support group and by our own personal experiences have more understanding than someone who has never had hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism. We give our own personal opinions of what we found helpful/unhelpful. This is another excerpt from the guidelines:-

    Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

    Your doctor was probably extremely angry that you had doubt on his professionalism and which was probably correct.

    They will not jeopordise their livelihood like Dr Peatfield who gave up his licence nor be hounded like Dr Skinner, who fought and fought to try to get those in power to change the guidelines. He died of a heart attack which most of us would think was brought about by the seven appearances before the GMC because he did as he was trained as a medical student and prescribed thus.

  • Oh dear, another fragile ego who can't cope with the fact that patients can and will empower themselves by using the internet rather than bowing down to their non-wisdom.

  • Of course, the internet is a big threat to them. Because it can proof that what the GP is saying isn't correct. Being angry shows that he feels attacked. I hope it didn't affect you much, i've got a line I keep saying to myself whenever a doctor is angry or says things that are not correct. I say in my head "it's my body, my life". I am not going to let that ruin by someone who doesn't have the right information. So I keep reading and keep saying what I want.

    You did well and you've got to keep going, if it has to then go to another doctor.

  • Basten, your GP would do better to point out any inaccuracies in the replies you had rather than throwing a hissy fit. If there were no inaccuracies he should take on board the advice you were given.

  • I don't know why your GP was so angry. He hasn't been making you well, so why shouldn't you look for other sources of information? He doesn't have to live in your body.

  • thankyou everybody for feedback. They of course go by the book - go to UsA and thyroid test levels are different. People experiences count for a lot but he will not accept anything from a forum unless it is from a medical practioner - which I guess he is right. But as you say its not his body going through all this. However I am not bothering with him or any GPs any more at present. I will now just wait for time to tell. I just know for the past year I haven't felt well but tests all come back OK. I did start taking 30mg of Erfa T3 and T4 and actually started to feel better - supplied by a private GP nutrionist. But I am due to see the endo in 10 days time so have stopped taking it. Thanks everyone

  • At one time this site had a Notice printed across it that it was Approved by NHS Choices. Wonder if that information is still on this site somewhere?

  • The info is included part way down this post, which is one of the pinned ones :

  • Thank you for posting this Humanbean. Good to be able to let GP's know this.

  • Patients are better able to explain how they feel. Change your GP if you can, he seems to be a monster!! 'Qualified' practitioners will lead you by the nose into (mostly) poor health as they go by the book. You are not a set of numbers, you are a person and doctors DO NOT manage your illness, YOU do!!

  • Hi Greygoose,

    Said in full blown jest, as said 'I wonder'. God forbid, agree, please don't. We will just never know (I hope).

    The support on here is brilliant and between ourselves, lets keep it that way.

    Best wishes x

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