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Adrenal/blood testing - should it be done when suffering from insomnia?

The kit has been ready and waiting since December when I decided to postpone due to Xmas postal delays.

Am currently experiencing pretty bad insomnia where I sleep for a couple of hours then wake up feeling that it's time to rise. Except it isn't and can't get back to sleep so feeling pretty wiped out.

I believe my adrenals are the final piece of the jigsaw but have been slowly decreasing my T3 dose to the level that my NHS Endo wants in an effort to get him to actually do his bloomin' job when I see him later this month. I don't feel noticeably worse on less T3 but am prepared to increase should I need to.

In addition I've paid for a raft of BH blood tests - would this insomnia have any bearing on blood tests? Would I be better leaving till sleep returns whenever that may be ?

Thank you!

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Your lack of sleep is probably caused by your medication being reduced below what is right for you. Do you have latest thyroid blood tests? If so, post here with all the reference ranges for members to comment. I have no idea about whether to do the adrenal test now or wait. It sounds as though you are getting a cortisol rush that is waking you up. Unless your T3 was very over range, I might be inclined to return to the original dose and see if the sleep pattern improves - then do the test. If you are determined to reduce T3 then do the adrenal test now.


Thanks for your reply Hennerton. I believe my insomnia is connected to the freezing cold bedroom I sleep in, I literally wake up with my head shivering. Will go back to supplementing with an oil filled radiator to get the chill off.

Just back from having blood test done privately so that should give some clues. My T3 used to be high and out of range so that could be a sign that I was actually over-medicated. I need to stay at this lower dose for a couple of weeks til I see the Endo as I want him to investigate my broken metabolism and body temperature fluctuations.

Thanks again for your comments.


Insomnia is a symptom of adrenal insufficiency, you need to have the test now to see exactly what your levels are throughout 24 hours.


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