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After a "discussion" with my gp my thyroxine was increased to 125 mcgs. Since then I have felt more energy and no more feeling like my insides were cold. A fact that my gp thought was in my head. The only thing is I feel very emotional but don't know if it's just because I'm full of a cold or if it is the medication or if it's just that up till know I was bottling things up. Due for blood test end of March . Thank you

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Hi Kath, I am glad your increase has made you feel much better. It may be, as you say, bottled up emotions and the fact that you've had to go so long being undermedicated and unwell except for the advice from the forum.

Re March blood tests, take no levo before it but take after. Have blood test as early as possible. Make sure all your essential vitamins/minerals have been tested.


Thank for your advice


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