Weight Loss I think I have it sussed !

All you need is Flu and a Chest Infection to run together for a week!

You won't eat so that's not a problem plus you won't stop coughing long enough to put anything in your mouth lol .

How do you look by the way I hear you ask , lithe and svelte from the weight loss.

Nooo! My skin has the lustre of regurgitated porridge , and my hair which has been left to its own devices due to being unable to lift the hairdryer , well say no more.

I did ask my lovely hubby to dry my hair one day, but suffice it to say it wasn't a success lol

There is one bright spot . My horrible little Levobelly has reduced somewhat ,no doubt lurking around the corner awaiting a triumphant return.

Sorry for the black humour folks, I must be on the mend.

I just wanted to wish you all a happier and healthier New Year!!!

I would say Cheers if I was allowed to drink with the antibiotics.


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  • PP, Levobelly sounds positively attractive compared to the other things. Hope you feel better soon and the rest of 2015 is healthier and good for you.

  • Thanks Clutter .

    I wish you the same!


  • Poor you hope you get well soon but bonus on the weight loss lol Happy new year to you also x

  • Missy,thank you for your reply.

    Onwards and upwards as they say.

    Hope you are well


  • awwww wishing you better soon - but thanks for the giggle :)

  • Thanks jezebel for the good wishes.

    Good Luck!


  • Doesn't help me, if I cut back on calories I gain weight!!

  • Of course you do!

  • Get well soon Peony. x

    I've only had the flu once but I never, ever want to get it again! It's so bad.

    It was during the 80's and the only good thing That came out of it...apart from my eventual recovery a few weeks later...was that my skin positively glowed with radiance down to all the water I was drinking.

  • Get well soon, Pink! And a Happy New Year to you too!!!

  • Thank you for all your replies and good wishes!

    Ellie-Louise I fear at my age any "radiance" is more likely to be down to a large gin & tonic lol

    Although I am drinking lots of water.

    Love to you all


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