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Hi everyone need your help feeling really down

For the past month I've been ill, I've got a really sore throat and was given antibiotics this was the end of November then had to cancel camera down throat on 12th December as I had sore throat and full of a cold, then a week after that got impetigo on tip of nose then a week after that the day before Christmas eve came down with tonsillitis was really poorly then just as infection was clearing up I'm full of a cold again and slight cough. I feel horrible and just feel wiped out. Before all this my energy levels were low as I find it a struggle day to day just have no energy. Just feel like I haven't got a life as no energy too do anything and feel I pay for it the next day if I do anything as it wipes me out. I'm at the doctors on tuesday and I'm going try and tell her there must be something else going on as this isn't right to feel like this all the time . It's affecting my work and home life :(.

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From reading your other posts I can see you have problems with low B12 etc. Are you still having injections ? If so - are you taking a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance - and ensure there are good levels of folic Acid B9 in the Complex.

I see also you have Hashimotos - so have you considered going gluten free to see if this will help you feel better. It does not always work - however it has to be worth a try. You have also mentioned that your VitD is fine - what was the actual result as it sounds as if it could be too low to keep you well.

I see you are on the Fibro Forum - in that case it may be a good idea to have more tests done to ensure your T4 is converting into the Active hormone T3 - I have Hashimotos and found that my FT3 was always LOW.

What is your medication and what supplements are you taking ? Apologies if you have mentioned this already.....about to pop out for a walk :-)


Thanks for your reply, I'm still having b12 injections and feel they do help but don't take the tiredness completely away, I think my vit d was something like 50. I take levothotine 150mg, folic acid 5mg, 20mg fluxotine. do you think my immune system could be low and should I ask doctor to test it, I just feel this is ain't right to feel constantly ill all the time.


Are your iron levels good? Mine are always low and usually I keep on top of it with iron tablets but have been a bit lax recently. Bingo! I am just recovering from a terrible week of flu with ragingly high temperature and such loss of appetite that everything tasted like sawdust. I am already thin and now look painfully so. I am vowing never to let myself get low iron again, as I am sure this is why I took the bug so badly. I think you will need to ask for a blood test before supplementing but it is worth a thought if your immune system keeps low and you catch everything going around.


How often do you have B12 injections ? Maybe you need to support it with a GOOD B Complex too. Your Fluoxetin is an SSRI I think and could be skewing the performance of your thyroid even more. Thyroids do not like Fluoride.

You need to have your FT4 and FT3 tested as I mentioned earlier - as low FT3 could be the cause of your symptoms. You also need to know if your dose of T4 is converting into the ACTIVE hormone T3.

The above link will tell you that you need at least 4000 IU's of VitD - this too will help you too feel stronger and happier. Your D result needs to be divided by 2.5 giving a result of 20. As you see on the chart it needs to be around 60 when you have a chronic condition.

You didn't comment on my suggestion of going gluten free to help the anti-bodies...maybe you have tried.


Thx for replys I think my iron levels were something like 12 last time they were tested unsure of ranges. Have b12 injections every 3 months, Im I've not tried gluten free diet yet. Maybe that's something I will consider. What is complex b and which one is best to buy.


Whatever you do not take any thyroid meds for 24hours before the test

be sure that your gp tests

thyroid antibodies


free t4

free t3




tell him that only ALL those results will give a true picture of your thyroid problem

Be sure to get a print out and post it here so we can help furthur


...and get your blood test done first thing in the morning. Good Luck!


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