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Hello everyone, I am new to this site as like so many of you I was diagnosed 15 years ago and told nothing apart from I have hypothyroidism. I have been tired for most of that time and put on far to much weight, it appears I have suddenly woke up and decided that I want to do something about it instead of accepting this is it! I am hoping someone can help with my latest results please as follows;

Free T4 level - 18.9pmol/L

TSH level - 5.08mU/L

Sodium 138

Potassium 4.3



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Welcome Terri,

I am shocked that you have a TSH of 5.08 which, if we are on adequate medication should be around 1 or lower.

Ditch your GP if he always told you you are in the normal range. Do you have the ranges for your blood tests. The reason for requesting these is that labs throughout the country differ and it makes it easier to comment. You don't say what dose of levo you are taking, but it's too small whatever the amount.

You have to make an appointment and have a good talk with your doctor, by telling him you are underdosed with levothyroxine. NO wonder you are feeling rough. Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article. She will send one after the holidays. In it look at question 6 and discuss an immediate increase (ask him to prescribe 10mcg of T3 initially to add to your T4). He may be reluctant but point out that Dr Toft says he can. After six weeks have another blood test and ask for a print-out from the receptionist (for your own records) so that you can post for comments.

Don't take levo on the morning of your blood test, take it afterwards. Always take levo when you waken with 1 glass of water and wait around 1 hour before breakfast. This helps with the uptake of levo. If you take other medication/supplements leave 4 hours between levo and those.

If your GP hasn't tested your Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as we are usually deficient.

We have to read and learn so that we can recover our health. Weight gain is a clinical symptoms of undiagnosed or undermedicated hypothyroidism.

Make appointment with your GP for the New Year.


Hi Shaws thank you for your reply. I am currently on 150 mgs levothyroxine and have been for the 15 years now, I was told I have a thyroid problem and that was that. Since then I have had a number of other issues like reflux acid and take ranitidine and pantoprazole twice a day but was never told to not take them with my thyroxine so I don't think it has helped. I have finally woken up and decided that I shouldn't be feeling like this when on supplements so today I have made an appointment to see my gp and a long appointment so I don't feel rushed to sort this out. I am new to this gp (only eighteen months) but my other gp should have picked up on this as looking back on my results they say high but my gp said all was ok, not a happy bunny but happy I've decided to do something about it. I want to say thank you to all you wonderful people who have encouraged and inspired me to get a life, you are stars thanks x


Welcome to the forum, Dragonfli.

I agree with Shaws, your TSH is too high for someone on medication and you are undermedicated. TSH of people on Levothyroxine is usually comfortable just above or below 1.0. Read the comments of the ex-president of the BTA in this link If you want a copy of the full article from Pulse to show your GP email

If your GP won't increase your dose I recommend you see another GP at your practice or change GP practice.


Hi Clutter thank you so much for replying and I will contact Louise thank you again I can't tell you how bad I have felt for many years and how good I feel now with the support of this forum I can go forward and speak to my gp. Once again folks thank you x


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