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Help with blood test results

I have just had my blood test results, I have had numbness, tingling in fingers and tiredness and brain fog for months now.

These are my results.

Vit b12 245 ng/l 189.00-883ng/l

Folate 9.1 ug/l. 4.80-19.00ug/l

TSH. 0.2mlu/l. 0.40-5.00mlu/l

Free T4 18pmol/l. 9.00-19.00 pmol/l

Serum cholesterol 5.5 mmol/l 2.00-5.00 mmol/l

Serum creatinine 100umol/l 49.00-90.00umol/l

Im going to see GP on wednesday to discuss these results, but would like some heads up before I go.

Im seeing the Endo specialist on the 20th January as well.


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Numbness and tingling can be due to a B12 deficiency (B12 isn't a vitamin it's an essential hormone which can cause neurological damage). Yours is far too low. None of us should really have a level below 500 but it is even better if it's towards the top of the range. We can supplement with sublingual methylcobalamin B12 and we cannot overdose as body takes what it requires and excess is excreted. Your GP will say you are in 'normal' range but with autoimmune diseases everything has to be optimum. Your cholesterol is high but that is usual if hypothyroid but when on optimum medication your cholesterol will reduce without the use of statins. You don't say on your post what medication you are on or hypo.


Im on 125mg levothyroxine and have Hashimotos. I will tell him about my b12 being on the low side, is the sublingual methylcobalamin B12 on prescription.


Usually all the GPs will do is give injections of B12 if we have pernicious anaemia so most of us supplement ourselves especially as your B12 is 'normal' in range. get a small commission if you order through Amazon (if you order anything from Amazon).


Marci, I posted this recently which may be of help

Your B12 is very low. Check out these links before supplementing

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