Decision to self medicate

t3 or not t3 that is the question?? As I will have to fund this myself and at 66 my working life is not going to be extensive, should I use NDT or T3? I have a reasonably sympathetic endo but although he has increased my levo taking me into suppressed TSH my T3 has barely moved. He wont prescribe T3 so I need to take the step alone. Which is easier/cheaper to obtain? I would appreciate any opinions or input here before I embark on this major attempt to feel 'well'

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  • much cheaper to use NDT

    see my pm

  • With NDT you will get all the hormones our thyroid gland wont produce. I would go for the ones with 'pedigree', i.e. Armour, Nature Throid or Westhroid (both these are hypoallergenic and been in use for 75 years without being recalled by the FDA). Armour was reformulated a few years ago and caused problems but it has been remedied and Erfa Thyroid is another popular one. Sometimes we have to try a couple before we find one that suits.

    I wish you success.

  • Armour is now very expensive which may be difficult on the OPs budget

  • Jezebel, I'd try adding T3 to Levothyroxine first. T3 is a cheaper option than NDT but members have had some difficulty in obtaining it recently.

  • I have found T3 to be far more expensive than Armour, for my last Armour 100 pill of 1 grain pot I paid about £60 for Cytomel ordered yesterday I paid £179 including postage from USA for 100 pill 25mcg. Where can I buy Cytomel cheaper?

  • Cytomel is one of the most expensive brands of Liothyronine. That is one reason many prefer to acquire Grossman Cynomel, Uni-pharma Liothyronine, Henning Thybon, Sanofi Cynomel, Abdi Ibrahim Tiromel or one of the other liothyronine products.

    If you want Pfizer/King Cytomel, then it is not easy to find a low cost and trustworthy source. A lot of adverts mention Cytomel because that is what so many people search for - but actually supply another product. Your choice ends up being whether to stick with Pfizer/King Cytomel or at least try one or other of the alternative products.

    Armour prices are much higher than they used to be.


  • I am new to buying T3 so I only went with Cytomel because I bought them from <Admin deleted>, which is where i buy my Armour Thyroid and have been for years so I know I can trust them, and because I didn't know where else I could get them, thanks for the tips on other brands.

  • T3 is very cheap outside the UK.

  • Would your GP practice pay for T3 if you see an Endo privately who has prescribed it? Mine does. I had a first private prescription and then asked if the practice would pay subsequently. Was amazed when they said yes. It is worth asking. Could save you a lot of money but obviously first you need to find the obliging Endo.

  • Lots of problems there I think Hennerton - the endo I have will prescribe long as its T4...really not sure how far I would have to go for a sympathetic one and I'm still working so have very little spare time. I'm kind of hoping I'll get my blood tests covered by the NHS while I trial T3 first then NDT if necessary

  • I think you will find Endos are much more willing to prescribe T3 privately. Mine gave me one prescriotion with 'two repeats' written on it. I used all those and then asked my practice to set up a repeat for it.

  • Ooooo thats interesting - I see him again end of january so will give it a try...thanks!

  • I think it's a question of trail and error. When I first started self-treating, I of course went for Armour, because everyone said that was the best. Well, it didn't suit me. I tried all the NDTs but in the end, found I was better on T3 only. You just have to try and see for yourself. No-one can tell you what's going to be best for you.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thanks Grey - I will go down the 'suck it and see' route :)

  • :)

  • Neither T3 nor Thyroid S NDT are going to impact significantly on a small income. I obtain both without a scrip and my income is tiny.

  • Thanks humphrey - thats a comfort to me :)

  • Good luck either way Jezebel. I've been on t3 now since August this year, started off with combination of T3/Levo but never felt any better. Dropped the Levo and started off on 30mcg of T3 and I've now increased to 40 but still not really seeing/feeling a difference in terms if shifting my fatigue sadly and I'm only 38, good luck xx

  • Thats a shame Karen - I have heard that t3 isnt always a successful substitute. Perhaps NDT would work better for you. I will try t3 first and wont hesitate to shift to NDT if I dont feel better within a reasonable time frame.

  • Hi Jezebel, I can't think of why T3 is NOT going to be successful. If it isn't it is usually due to some other reason like you have antibodies attacking T3 in particular. Another reason is that T3 receptors are not available but after a while taking T3 should repair that. Another reason is that your adrenal glands are so dysfunctional that the cortisol blocks T3 receptors. BUT these are the same reasons that T4 also doesn't work plus there can be additional roadblocks.

    I love taking T3. Cynomel is $65 for 300 tablets of 25 mcgs. This can be a 2 to 4 month supply for many people.

    But I would also say taking T3 is like taking insulin for a diabetic in that they cannot just stop taking insulin for any length of time and will possibly go into a coma very quickly. I am only nervous about that should I get into a situation where I cannot get to my hormone. Not a serious concern though as it's unlikely.

  • Hi Jezebel, my plan is to try the increased dose of T3 till my next spot at the end of feb. When I go back and if this hasn't worked (which sadly I don't think it has) it's been suggested I go back to thyroxune trying 75 Levo and 20 t3, trial that for 3 minths and if that doesn't work I'm going to speak to my Endo about NDT. If he'll prescribe on a named patient basis then great and if not, and I buy it, will he continue to treat me and take bloods, offering his support, that's this year's plan!!

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