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Are Some Diets 'Mass Murder'?

Another great post by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. As many on here might agree, diet is the foundation of good health and over the last fifty years we have had some ridiculous guidelines on both sides of the pond. PR

"Yes, hallelujah, the headline on a paper in the BMJ by Richard Smith, the previous editor of the journal. He has finally, if belatedly, come to realise that the dietary advice that has dominated western medicine for the last fifty years, or so, is complete nonsense."

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Thanks - another good link. Dr McKendrick of the book the 'Great Cholesterol Con'.


As someone who's been overweight since the age of 9, who was put on a low fat diet at that age (before puberty, for heaven's sake!) I say "murder" is about right. Manslaughter at the very least. I shudder to think how much artificial sweetener and trans fats have coursed through my veins since. Robert Atkins was so very nearly spot on, all those years ago (barring a few misconceptions). Our grandmothers knew that if you wanted to lose weight you should cut down on bread and potatoes - not butter!

The history books are going to tell a very sorry tale about our understanding of nutrition in the second half of the 20th century.


I'm so happy I never, ever bought into the low-fat myth. I got fat enough with the hypo, god knows how fat I would have got if I'd cut out butter! lol Well, let's face it, I'd probably be dead.


Anyone ever think maybe we've been being feed lousy health info for a much bigger wider spread all encompassing reason -like how to over throw the most progressive country from inside one's country. They've attacked US from every avenue - health - education - they just continue to undermine the educated -that's a kicker hey - we bought it hook - line - & sinker & we are on our way down. A country taken over using propaganda & strategically placing those with intent to maime & if necessary kill & if we knew the extent - well we should feel enough remorse for letting our guard down - when your @ the top most are willing to (if they can't get a piece of the action) destroy - think it's called jealousy & it can & does destroy mix it in with Big $$$$$ & look out!!!! Hell they decided to take her lock stock & barrel & we all lent a helping hand.

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