Help on readings, weight and diet !

Hi would just like opinions on recent tests before I visit doctors. My TSH is 2.4 and T4 is 13.5. I have been on 75mg Thyroxine for about 3 years and not a lot of side effects apart from weight gain and not losing despite the fact I diet I walk and just very active every day.Am I on too low dose for readings or would this be about right ? I have read Thyroxine has made people out weight on some ? and to change to Armour ? ( read so much as so desperate ) Any advice if to my readings are normal or should I push for doctor to up meds or even anyone suggest a good diet ( tried WW slimming world and an the momnent Cambridge with 1 meal in evening )

Any advice please

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You're probably gaining weight BECAUSE you're dieting. If you don't eat enough calories, conversion is the first thing to suffer. So, you won't have enough T3 in your system, so that will make you put on more weight. Stop dieting!

Your TSH is too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. It should be about one or under. I can't comment on the FT4 without the range - please, always put the ranges. :) But it does look low.

You also need your FT3 tested, to see how well you are converting. Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested? To lose weight, you need optimal nutrients - which you won't get if you diet!

Slimming World is a horrible diet, because it's based on low/no-fat, which is bad. We need good fat. You shouldn't avoid it. What you should avoid is unfermented soy and processed foods.

Hi thanks for quick response I was reading a post you had replied to about diet .. interesting ! I just called the doctors as I had to request by letter an early blood test ! they just said "Normal results! " I asked for a full test but looks like all I received was T4,TSH , I have an appointment Thursday so will ask if they can up my meds , think I don't know enough about it really so advice is well received ! I will take myself of Cambridge diet now and just try eating sensibly. When I see the doctor I will ask for ranges and post.

Thanks as this weight is not good for me and depressing :(

It's rare that the NHS will test FT3. Might be a good idea to get your own, private, complet labs done. Details on Thyroid UK's main page.

Do you know if you have high Thyroid antibodies? Have you ever had them tested?

You need to know if you have Hashimotos- autoimmune thyroid disease

As greygoose says it's very important to have good levels of these four vitamins. Ask Gp to test vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin

Make sure when you get results you get actual figures & ranges (figures in brackets)

Any Thyroid blood test should be as early as possible, fasting and don't take Levo in 24 hours prior. Delay & take after test

Hi I have no idea all I am told is " normal range " and keep in with 75 mg of Thyroxine but I will take all this to doctor and ask they test for all that and won't leave until they agree !! ;). I appreciate all this advice as I have just taken mesds and not fully understood !

Oh why is that .? What is difference ? sorry I have never understood and doctors don't seem to have time to explain ?

Look at Thyroid Uk website for full info on everything Thyroid related

If you have Hashi's, you need to keep your TSH at zero, be on a gluten-free diet (you could try that, anyway) and take selenium - which you could also try, anyway, because it helps conversion.

But, if you know you have Hashi's, you know it's just going to get slowly worse, until your gland is destroyed. And, you know that if you suddenly 'go hyper' it's because of the Hashi's, and not because your gland has suddenly revived. Things like that. Knowing you have Hashi's gives you a greater understanding of your disease.

Oh would there be any other symptoms to support this ? I never noticed symptoms before it was a random test one doctor did and commented on my thyroid readings my late father had thyroid problems ? This is very interesting I started taking selenium but tgink will try Gluten free also

Thanks again

The main website for this Forum where you can read and learn everything in your own time about private testing - understanding test results - and everything thyroid. Also there is a list of signs and symptoms for you to tick - some may surprise you. There are over 300 connected to the thyroid.

Good advice from everyone above 😊

Good luck swarin, your story sounds sadly familiar, we have to do our own research in the end, Thank goodness for groups like this for advice.

Hi thanks all for advice I have started to now look at gluten free and still take Selenium daily, will make sure I don't leave doctors until something more has been done or investigated,it's given me a little more light now not to just sit back and think I will just get bigger !! I also have had a feeling as though something is in my throat for about 3 years and my voice does change ( this was picked up by one doctor who prescribed my mesds) I was sent for a camera to be put down throat he found nothing wrong with vocal cords and diagnosed me with Globus ?? There may be a connection ??

Thanks to all

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