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Do we hypothyroiders come into the category of having a pre-existing medical condition?

Should we declare this on travel insurance applications?

I'm on 50mcg Levo and fairly stabilised-can't see any emergency situations arising while abroad, but if anyone has any experience in this area would love to hear from you!!

PS-I fly on the 22nd December !

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You should always declare .Helps stop excuses for not paying out.

I declared and was told it would go in the file but not a problem.


I have several autoimmune diseases so I always buy insurance for pre existing conditions. It is more expensive, but gives me the security and peace of mind i need. Columbus is by far the most competitive. If you "only" have 1 disease and it is stable, you may be ok without, but all my diseases fluctuate and i'd rather not take the chance


I have free Travel insurance through a bank scheme and nobody has ever contacted me until this year, when I had to spend about half an hour on the phone, running through my entire medical history. I have obviously reached an age where I may become expensive to them (67) and the grilling for details was somewhat excessive but as far as thyroid problems are concerned, they are not in the least bothered. (You see, we are so easy to treat, aren't we? Ha ha.) Nevertheless, do tell them, so they cannot repudiate a claim later. They are always looking for a good excuse.


I have my travel insurance free through my account with Nationwide and rang up to declare my pre-existing medical condition. They told me that hypothyroidism was covered so I didn't need to do anything. I would always suggest ringing the company to see if it is covered an if not have it listed. You just never know if something could happen and its best to be covered :)


It is usually covered under permitted pre existing conditions - but always worth a call.


I was asked to declare all my existing medical conditions and the only one they seemed interested in was my arthritis. Seems most companies cover Thyroid problems as a matter of course. I would always make sure it is on file anyway, stops them having a get--out if anything does go wrong.

I did get admitted to hospital on my last trip abroad when I was bitten by a very fierce midge thing. I spent 4 days on various drips and medication, had bloods done every day and the doctor told me I was not on the optimum dose of Levo! (Just as an aside).


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