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Hi all, does anyone have any insight into when completing travel insurance if putting 'hypothyroidism' is sufficient, no matter how the hypo is occurring?

I am pretty sure I have Hashi's as my antibodies are always between 1,000-3,000 (TSH and wellness thankfully much better since was put on 100mg Levo a few years back but they have always said can't do anything about the antibodies and it's the TSH to try and get tight) but that is self diagnosis from reading up on it, the doctors have never used this description and just say 'you have an under active thyroid'.

Although I am feeling more in control and would usually only put hypothyroidism when going on hols I am due to be out of the country for possibly a year or more this time so want to ensure I am covered sufficiently just in case as know these insurance companies like to use any non disclosed problem as a get out clause for other possibly non related issues!

Thanks in advance!

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  • ESAUK, Autoimmune Hypothyroidism accurately describes it.

  • When you take out the policy for pre existing medical, you get a drop down menu where you select diseases and conditions. Some providers have Hashimotos listed. Others just have thyroid disease, etc. PA is one they don't like most ask additional questions if you select it from the menu. But they don't ask additional questions for thyroid disease.

  • In my experience travel insurance companies don't seem to be interested in hypo thyroidism, I have never bothered to mention antibodies but since most medics don't seem interested in them (my endo said there was no treatment required) I woud be surprised if you were penalised.

  • Thanks all, I just checked the drop downs of a few I have been looking at snd they do only have hypo not Hashi's so guess that's good enough to go with as they don't even give the option! Thanks as always!

  • I really don't think that I would rely on "I didn't see it on the dropdown" to guarantee that the insurance is valid. If in any doubt whatsoever, contact the company and ask. Preferably use a contact method such as email which ensures you have a copy. (Yes - I do realise that most hypothyroidism in the UK and USA is autoimmune so you could argue your corner, but that is not where you want to be.)

    The very last thing you want is to be denied cover when you need it.

  • Good point, but as the doctor has never told me anything other than 'you have an under active tyroid' then I'm not sure what to ask insurance? 'I think I have an autoimmune/ Hashi's but doctor has never mentioned this'. I think I need to check with the doctor 'what have you actually put me down as being diagnosed as?' They might have put Hashi's but just not bothered telling me (nothing surprises me anymore!) or might not think I have it in which case I just put hypo. I have a while till I travel and am due another test before I go so might wait until I have that as will also need to see the doc to get more Levo as I can only get a month at time on repeat. it would be good to know anyway as they have actually never given me a reason, I don't even recall them using word hypo, just simply you have under active. Everything I have learnt has been post diagnosis on these forums mainly! Kind of worrying but seems the norm from what I see :(

  • Or ask the insurer "Do you need to know the whether or not my hypothyroidism is due to autoimmunity?"

    At this point, all you are doing is ensuring that the insurer has no grounds for claiming lack of disclosure.

    Yes - I encourage you to raise the question at your next appointment even if the insurer doesn't care!

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