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I have booked a holiday to florida for Nov 2015, who would be the best to buy travel insurance off as I need to declare it due to my thyroxine tablets. My boyfriend seems to think I shouldn't declare it, but if anything happens to me because of my thyroxine levels then I won't be covered. I priced one and it quoted me £229 for a single trip to USA!!!!

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  • That is way in excess of my insurance which I originally took out for Florida as well, and I have annual insurance (better value than one off if you are likely to holiday more than once in the year). As well as hypo meds I declared anti-hypertensives , and from your photo I am older than you so probably a higher/costlier insurance risk. I will attempt to find the details and will send by pm. Have a great time.

  • Thanks for the response :) I'm 30

  • Pm sent. I'm definitely older!

  • My travel company, whose insurance comes free with a credit card, was supremely uninterested in my thyroid issues. As far as they are concerned I take a pill a day and I am fine. This blasé attitude should be where we win for a change. Are you sure they are penalising you for that?

  • It's because I have had thyroid cancer in the past :(

  • Hypothyroid is not a problem with holiday insurers

    but previous thyroid cancer could be

    There are some specialist travel insurers i will get my daughter to give me an up to date list

    just go for the best most comprehensive policy at best price and simply ensure you declare all existing diseases like hypothyroid

    get cover soon do not leave it till later

  • Try columbus, they do pre-existing medical. I declare 4 conditions and it comes to under £100 for going to SA

  • I used "just go" as it was recommended on the money expert site.

  • Hi, i went on confused and got a great deal annual policy. You need to declare it or your policy wont cover you if you have anything related to it whilst away. Good luck

  • Supposedly we are treated so we are fine and insurance is not therefore necessary. Unless you are having heart or other problems with it, I think it is not important. Janet.

  • The potential costs of travelling abroad without insurance are huge.

    If you became ill while flying, that could be many tens of thousands of pounds simply to land, and you could end up with a bill. Then costs of treatment in whichever country you happen to have ended up. And a medical repatriation flight also costs a fortune. I suspect there are few here who could withstand the financial impact without being very severely affected.

    I urge all to get appropriate insurance for their travel.


  • Sorry Rod, I did not mean not to get travel insurance. I mean't that as we were supposedly adequately treated we did not need to mention Thyroid problems unless we had other problems with it. I fully agree with getting Travel insurance and we usually get ours for the year. Janet.

  • That's all right then! :-)

    I think we have to mention thyroid - though I'd also expect it to be ignored (as in not affecting premium) in many cases.


  • Medical insurance is designed to help in the event of the unexpected. So accidents or illness. During your holiday you are unlikely to fall ill suddenly due to your thyroid condition but it could cause complications un recovery if you fell ill with something else. I work in insurance product design.

  • Do you need to declare it? My sister never does just writes a list of medications she's taking with her.

  • Buy your Travel Insurance from the Post Office. (They are fine with you taking Thyroid meds). They have just won an award for their Travel insurance. Worth a look.......

  • I found Staysure to be good and reasonably priced

  • I've insured with a number of companies over the years. They all ask you to declare preexisting conditions but none have ever increased the premium or refused to cover me. Best to give them the info they ask for to make sure you're covered. It just takes a phone call.

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