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List of GP surgerys on a sprees sheet?


Hi does anyone know where to find the extensive lit of all surgerys in the uk showing, which ones prescribe certain meds, like armour and T3, I might be wrong but I think Rob made the list. I would be grateful if someone could assists me

Thank you in advance


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Hi Amandajl, if you do a search on this forum for this "T3 and Desiccated Thyroid Prescriptions", it may be what you're looking for.

Amandajl in reply to annie-7

Thank you

Kind regards



It is England only.

Please don't rely too much on it. Every prescription is signed by a doctor. Maybe only one of the doctors in a surgery is willing to prescribe? Or the doctor who did has moved elsewhere? Or you can persuade a doctor who has never before prescribed it to do so?


Amandajl in reply to helvella

Thank you, it's a good starting point

Amandajl in reply to helvella

Thank you Rod, it's a good place to start

I'd like it too - if it exists!

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Londinium

Follow the link and you will find out if it exists.

silverfox7 in reply to helvella

Thanks Rod

Just accessed it Rod and found one GP is one I paid to see through a private hospital to get a FT3 reading (I now know that wasn't the way to do it). He seemed pretty much in the dark and when I mentioned antibodies, didn't know about that either! Yet his surgery has two inputs by name and he's one of them. Even less impressed with him now!

Amandajl in reply to Londinium

Here is the link

I saw that it said teams, but I didn't see names of GP practices. Are they listed?

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