Epstein Barr Virus

I had a stack of blood tests done recently. One of them (EBNA IgG) flagged up as "DETECTED Consistent with past, not recent, EBV infection." I assume, therefore, that the doctors will not be concerned by this, and I have no idea whether they actually should be. I don't know whether "recent" means months or years.

However, a very interesting post on the Stop the Thyroid Madness site flagged up on my FB page today, which made me wonder if I should be asking more questions about this. I've been googling, and found information supposedly linking the virus with auto-immune illnesses, but nothing about whether I should be questioning my GP/neurologist/endocrinologist? <not that they will be interested anyway>

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The virus you mention can lead (they think not sure) lead to autoimmune conditions.

Never heard of it relating to hormonal conditions.

Do you have gland problems or maybe get colds that hang around?..... as your test shows it can sit in your body.


Yes, jellynpain, I have swollen glands under my neck. I've been producing swollen lumps elsewhere, and have been fobbed off for months about it. One on my trunk was finally scanned because it was painful, and the consultant scanned some (not all) of the others - he diagnosed some sort of genetic lipoma problem. No further information given :(

My adult daughter had TB last year, and I was diagnosed with latent TB. Despite this meaning I had the chance of developing TB myself, the process to checking this has been achingly slow ("urgent" referral took 2 months). The consultant (general acute something-or-other) I saw recently about it said that glands can be swollen if you have Hashimoto's, I have no idea if that is true. Blood tests haven't shown any infection anyway, as far as I know.

I don't have lots of colds or viruses, just a continual drippy nose <ewww>, sore throat etc. There is so much going on ill-healthwise with me, and I don't want to throw another problem (this EBV thing) into the mix if it isn't that important.

Hi BeansMummy,

Interestingly enough the EBV has also shown recently in my kinesiological testing and my kinesiologist said it can sit in your system inactive for years and activate again with stress, autoimmune disease. etc It is almost synonymous for her with glandular fever (anything to do with your swollen glands?) which some time in the distant past might have started the whole dis-ease process in your body. She gave me some homeopathic meds for it and I hope that getting rid of it would be a step on the road to better health 8-)

Interesting information, samaja - did you ever have glandular fever?

Not that I know of, but I had myocarditis when I was two, probably of viral origin. Interestingly enough I do know that a lot of my later health problems developed following this illness despite the seemingly complete recovery when I was a child. It had a huge impact on my whole life in many ways and if the EBV is the remnant of this I would not be surprised at all...

I didn't think I'd ever had glandular fever myself, but my daughter did (a very very very long time ago). I wasn't ill at the time, maybe you can just "carry" the inactive virus. Who knows ...

Just had a blood test for glandular fever as my GP is convinced it was likely the start of my Hashi's. No idea if this correct info as he is also convinced I have CFS which I am convinced I don't. Also tested for coeliac autoimmune and told it can flare up again?! The GF that is. Will be interested to see if I have any result for either - I had GF in my early twenties, some twenty something years ago.

This glandular fever stuff is all new to me, it's only because it has been flagged up on my recent blood tests as a past infection, and I started googling - there's quite a bit of information linking it with auto-immune diseases one way or another.

When I eventually get to see a doctor about all the test results, I shall ask about it, although I expect it won't be seen as relevant to anything.

EBV is certainly mentioned in Izabella Wentz's book on Hashimoto's as linked to autoimmune diseases. Maybe have a look at that as well.

Thanks, I shall have to drum up some enthusiasm to do more reading!

Oh that's good to know - I just bought this book. :) I got my vitamins ordered too so I am armed but not very dangerous - too tired and pathetic.

Goodness you want relevance as well as results! :) I get my test results next week so I hope that an explanation is forthcoming

I want an answer to everything! Let's hope you get an explanation, then you can tell me too!!

I will happily share the outcome. If you get your results we can compare stories GPs tell us.

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