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Help with blood results please!

Help with blood results please!

Hi. I have had a turbulent year this year regarding my levothyroxine dosage and would appreciate your thoughts on my bloods as I share my thyroid journey with you! My most recent bloods (taken first thing and before thyroid meds) were at the request of an endocrinologist at colchester hospital.

Since early summer I have been self medicating iron 3 x daily, B12 jarrow 1000mg daily and B6 1 x daily all, of which, I stopped taking 12 days before my latest bloods.

I am pleased to be feeling more energetic and less moody generally but since my bloods almost three weeks ago I restarted my iron 2 x daily (as the ferritin result had obviously increased) and B12 and B6 both daily and I don't know if I'm now over medicating (or over self medicating) because for the last three days I have been getting mild, intermittent chest pain and very little sleep which I'm finding difficult to cope with. I will go back to the GP if it continues much longer but I wondered whether you knowledgeable people had any thoughts... Thank you in anticipation...

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Pollydolly, TSH and FT4 look good, but FT3 is a bit low so you may not be converting well. Ask your GP to test vitD as good levels aid T4 to T3 conversion and low levels can cause musculoskeletal pain and low mood.

B12, folate and ferritin are good. You won't OD on B12 as excess is excreted in urine but you can either stop supplementing or halve your dose just to maintain levels. Ferritin is optimal at 70-90 although some say half way in range is actually optimal so you can reduce to 1 x tablet daily.

Bilirubin is a liver test. Look it up on labtestsonline.org.uk

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Thank you Clutter for your reply. Shall take your advice.


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