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Just a quick question!

Can anyone tell me where I can download an article that states that someone with a controlled under active thyroid can still have a low immune system? Not sure one even exists!

I have a virus again and work are stating I need to have an appointment with HR re sick record etc! Occupation health think they know about thyroid stuff! NOT!!!

It will need to be a NHS paper or equivalent Sorry

Thank you

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Sadly low immune system is definitely associated with some Hashimotos patients

I am sure theres a genetic flaw somewhere because both our daughter and 2granddaughters are stuck in this situation

they take all manner of supplements inc Vit C are careful to eat sensibly and are gluten free but they get laid low with every bug doing the rounds

One of these granddaughters is coeliac and I know the consultant told her that her immune system has several " missing arms" I do not know which ones though

have you tried a Google Scholar search .............using hashimotos+low immune system

or defective immune system


I have never had my antibodies checked so don't know if I have hasimotos! Plus GP says it still gets treated the same. So don't know what to fo


Most Hypo is Hashi (alternatively if Graves - it's also autoimmune)

a quick search & just Patient UK

"Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism are associated with other autoimmune conditions: " - see list

If you want more immunity from bugs, get your vit D checked & supplement if low (bound to be low if hypo)

autoimmune response often comes from the gut - so you could try & avoid gluten..

check out iron, ferritin, folate & B12 too - all are needed for a happy thyroid, half-thyroid, non-thyroid (and B complex, magnesium, K2, selenium, zinc...a never-ending list really - used to be found in food!) J :D


Majority of hypothyroids are the result of Hashimotos antibody destruction this is also sometimes associated with gluten and commonly occurs in coeliac patients

Its wrong for your GP to claim you get treated the same because primary hypothyroid tends to respond well to levothyroxine

wheras hashimotos thyroid patients often are better on T3 or Natural Dessicated Thyroid

Primary hypothyroid tends to occur in the elderly

I think theres some research files on


Is Hashimotos not primary? My doctor has said I have primary hypothyroidism but I have antibodies against thyroid peroxidase. And is T4 not likely to work?



T4/levothyroxine is not likely to work with Hashimotos

on that bit your doctor is correct

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Lotus, Autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) has caused your primary hypothyroidism. Some Hashi patients don't do at all well on NDT which can cause Hashi flare ups and will tend to do better on synthetic T4 or T3.

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Thanks for this. :)


yep - we're flawed... I've never met anyone perfect yet 'tho!

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