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Ambulance called, after waitng for 5 hours for the symptoms to pass and they didn't I thought it best to.

My body was going into cramping and spasms and I could not stop them, whole body locking up for a few seconds to a minute sometimes, sweating that much I the leads on each machine would not stick, took lots of normal bloods one came back something to do with muscle weakness, given diazipam and sent home when spasms stopped, obviously very frightend and explanation.

Has anyone else suffered with this, or any ideas,

Still got a few spasms this morning and lost a lot of weight 21lbs in 3 weeks.

Obviously I have been reading stuff on Internet and lots of things have come up like fibromyalgia, stress, lack of T3, eastrogen to much of.

I am sick to death of it all.

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Do you have your thyroid test results? Also what meds/supplements are you on? I do not have a lot of knowledge but I had a lot of similar symptoms (minus sweating) on thyroxine. Thyroxine wasn't right for me and I am now thankfully much better on NDT and T3.


Nov 2014 tsh 0.33 (22-42). T4 22.9 (12.22) no eastrogen

Sept 2014 tsh 2.10 (0.40-4.00) t416.5 (12.22)

Aug 2014 tsh 2.56 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.7 (12.22)

July 2014 tsh 2.56 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.7 (12.22)

July 2014 tsh6.74 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.1 (12.22)

Feb 2014 tsh 2.16 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.6 (12.22)

Nov 2013 tsh 3.02 (0.40-400) t4 13.8 (12.22)

Not got any others, what is NDT,

What if there is nothing wrong with my thyroid what if my gp got mixed it and it was just the start of menopause, because I went on thyroxine and hrt at exactly the same time, or are the two blood test different for each.


I think you should consider speaking to your GP and request a referral to an endo who should be able to provide more info re your thyroid. To be honest, I gained most of my knowledge from websites like thyroid UK, stop the thyroid madness, sara gottfried and Izabelle Wentz (thyroid pharmacist). It is unfortunate that it is difficult to get FT3 F=Free) tested on the NHS but still push for it (in my case TSH and FT4 were always fine but when I paid for a private FT3 test it was out of range and contributing a lot to my symptoms - thyroxine made me toxic).

NDT is natural desiccated thyroid and you can find a lot of info re NDT on the websites I have listed below.

I would keep reading/going to find answers and it does take a while to find the right balance.

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Hi Scampi, is your Spasms and Cramping in your Tummy or is it all over your body?


All over from head to toe, and makes me cry a lot when it's a bad on there is no pain as such just all joints locking, no tummy pain. Mild headache and slight stiff neck.


Sorry Scampi you must know what I was thinking (IBS ) It's nothing to do with Arthritis is it ?


Does arthritus cause symptoms like I have had, only had it for 3 years the arthritus.


Just looked at my post, and everything is mixed up.


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