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Hi everyone , well I've finally gone and had the dreaded blood test today for what we think is a suspected thyroid problem (10 years to pluck up the courage due the anxiety) and now awaiting the results on Friday ! I just hope that it gets picked up in the tests and I can feel normal again, I have the following symptoms that Mr Mrs being a nurse has picked up on, anxiety & panic attacks , loss of the last third of my eyebrows , hyper activity , "extra heart beat" palps , difficulties in sleeping and can't gain weight and can't stop eating lol.

After looking at my symptoms it does point towards thyroid problems but ill have to wait and see . But wondered what you peeps though regarding my symptoms and what treatment would I expect to receive and long term out come of the condition ?

Cheers in advance


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  • Welcome to the forum, Andy. Without seeing your blood results it's not possible to guess at a diagnosis or treatment. Anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations and sleeplessness are common in untreated hypothyroidism (under active) and hyperthyroidism (over active). Loss of outer eyebrows is usually a hypothyroid symptom and weightloss despite increased appetite is more common in hyperthyroidism.

    Hypothyroidism is treated with thyroid hormone replacement Levothyroxine which usually has to be taken for life. Hyperthyroidism is regulated with an anti-thyroid drug Carbimazole and it is often possible to have remission 12/18 months later but remission often fails if the patient has Graves antibodies in which case Carbimazole is resumed and radioactive iodine ablatement may be considered.

    Ask for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and post them in a new question for comment/advice.

  • Hi Andy, if they can figure what you need to have optimum levels of free T3 and free T4, you should look forward a stable metabolism without voracious appetite, anxiety, depression or brain fog. This explains a bit about the malfunction if thyroid is low.

  • Hi Andy. As Clutter has said it will be much easier to comment when we have a sight of your blood results but welcome!

  • Good luck Andy - cannot wait to hear

  • HI If GP says OK, make sure he did tSH, T4 and Free T3 as often TSH on it`s own is not enough. You can use on line tests. I use Blue Horizon for the 3 tests together. Quote TUK10 for discount and use finger prick, no medics involved unless you choose.


  • I'll let you all know as soon as I do ! Just hope I can get sorted ASAP lol how long is treatment after being diagnosed ? and thanks for all your comments

  • The length of treatment depends on whether you are hyper or hypo, but it will be long term. However if you get adequately treated you should find it gives you a new lease of life.

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