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Digestive issues worse on starting T3. Is this normal?

Hi there, I have a history of not tolerating thyroxine. I started t3 at 5mcg three weeks ago and upped to 10 mcg about a week ago. I have raised cautiously as I used to be hyper on everything. I have got my vit D,vit. 12 up through supplementing.

I also have a history of mild delayed stomach emptying which GP thinks is Gastroparesis. Since starting T3 this seems to have got worse. For the last two weeks I have eaten very little.

I am wondering if this small dose of t3 is the likely cause of this?

I do not want to have Gastroparesis permanently but was hoping that it is being caused by my Hypo and might go away with optimal treatment.

Has anyone any advice or stories of delayed stomach emptying which improved on an optimal dose.

As a side note I tended to go hyper on the t3 I had from Dr S a few years ago but I am on Thybon now as seem to tolerate it ok. I don't seem to get the hyper surge with the burst of energy and anxiety that I did previously. I don't know if it is weaker.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Carolineanne x

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I would think low acid (due to being hypo) would be more likely. Have you also tried digestive enzymes? Those seem to be mentioned most. I haven't heard anyone complain that T3 does this and I take only T3 myself.

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I agree with Heloise that it might well be low stomach acid. High acid and low acid have similar symptoms and GPs usually prescribe antacids. I myself take betaine with pepsin at mealtimes and it is fine. Some people also take some organic Apple Cider vinegar mixed in water (maybe a teaspoon or in juice to disguise taste). We do need acid in our stomachs to dissolve protein.

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Thanks guys for replying. You know I bought Now Super Enzymes last year and they did help. When they ran out I didn't order anymore as I couldn't afford it. ( too many supplements to buy ). Maybe it's time to get some more. I do have the ones from Holland and Barratt but they do not seem to work very well.

Thanks again

CA x


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