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Yay Endo appointment

Got my appointment through to see Dr Ahmend at the royal Liverpool Hospital on 22nd January. Now just not not sure whether to tell him that I have been feeling much better whilst self medicating (added 25mg of T3 to the Levo I was prescribed) Or whether to stop taking T3 prior to my appointment.

Ideally I would like him to prescribe NDT - or T3 if this is not possible.

Any thoughts?

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Its best to be honest about your medication and tell him of your improvements.


Thanks Shaws, I will tell him, was just frightened of being scolded for self medicating, but you are right honesty is always the best policy - plus it means I dont have to feel like crap and come off the T3


It also lets them 'learn' what makes patients improve instead of prescribing levothyroxine only and the patient still is suffering and they disregard that.

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Jacqui, I told my endo I had been self medicating T3 for 3 months in addition to prescribed T4. We had a heated debate about various studies suggesting T4+T3 could be beneficial, most of which he rubbished, but my health was visibly improved since I saw him 6 months earlier and he wasn't keen on me buying on the internet and agreed to prescribe.


Hi Jacqui, I hope you are brave enough to take the offensive. I would tell him that it has been disappointing that the treatment the NHS offers has left many with remaining symptoms because some GPs seem to believe the blood tests rather than the patient. Tell him you feel it is unfair to place the added expense on the patients to pay for a small amount of additional hormone. It is very important to be able to perform for your family and for your employer and it's quite difficult when you feel sluggish and no reserve strength.

Maybe it won't be necessary to say any of these but keep it in mind because that's what I think:)


Agree you should be honest and tell him how it is and how much better you have been. Read various posts in the past where folks haven't been honest and then been under terrible pressure to conceal the evidence!


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